6 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades for Your Bridal Makeup Look

A bride wearing  plum-colored lipstick.

Lipstick is so good at making your entire face pop. A bright red or sweet pink will truly transform your face, however, it can be a daunting task to decide which shade to choose for your wedding day. After all, you will be wearing something unusual (most of us don’t wear all-white all the time!), you’ll be in front of a lot of people, and you want a shade that looks good all day long. Here are some of our favorites for brides all over!

1. Purple-Tinged Red

Who says you have to go with ultra simple, ultra conservative colors in order to have the most beautiful wedding look? If you plan to have some bright pops of color throughout your wedding look including colored flowers or gorgeous gemstone earrings, a purple-tinged red for your lip can be the perfect compliment. Even if you do stick with the classics, try a slightly plum-like lip color to see what it does with your eyes and the apples of your cheeks. If it isn’t already one of your favorite shades, it might become one!

2. Bright Red

A bride wearing red lipstick and a bright red rose in her hair.

If you want to get center stage and own that bridal look, a bright red lip can be just what you need. Often, bright red looks amazing against a pale face, but bright red can work on a multitude of skin tones. If a bright fire-engine red looks like too much when you first try a glossy version, aim for a matte look and try out different shades to find your perfect color. Don’t assume you aren’t a bright red lipstick lady ’till you’ve tried it!

3. Rosy Pink

You can’t go wrong with a rosy pink color. Similar to many natural lip shades, you’d be surprised by how sophisticated and different you can look even when your lips haven’t changed color much from their natural look. Many people go for a liquid lip color to maintain slightly more control, but you can also aim for the traditional bullet lipstick in a satin-y rose shade. For a look that is a sweet as a blown kiss, you can’t go wrong with a rosy pink.

4. Peachy Pink

A bride with a bejeweled cloth head covering and peachy-pink lipstick.

For a spring wedding, there is nothing quite so gorgeous as a sherbet-like peachy pink. These bright lip colors look like someone swirled peach puree in with their typical pink lip color—a little extra orange and yellow compared to a typical baby pink. If you’ll be surrounded by orange blossoms or anything in a pastel tone, your lip color might actually be perfectly suited to the scenery.

5. Dark and Metallic Copper Red

While metallic may seem like a stretch for a wedding shade, hear me out: the new darker shades of red don’t have to be full of bling to have a little shimmer to them. Ideally, your choice will glint up close, but simply look like a good chocolate-y copper at a distance. Many women find that a darker brown-red accents gorgeous brown eyes, dark hair, and many other features. If you don’t typically reach for these darker shades, try them with a smoky eye and see if they work for your wedding look.

6. Barely-There Tinted Lip Balm

A bride wearing large earrings and a one-shoulder dress with her groom in the background.

If you see and try all these colors and are still not convinced, invest in a great hydrating lip balm or lip gloss. They often come with a little bit of color, but mostly emphasize the natural beauty of your lips, which is often a popular look when you’re going a little more bohemian with your look. Wearing a good balm for the weeks before your wedding is a great idea anyway to make sure your lips are in perfect form for the big day. No one wants to deal with cracks or chapped lips when perfecting their wedding look.

Tips for Choosing and Wearing Your Shade

No matter which color fills your fancy, all the gorgeous lip color available these days will make for a fun day at the makeup counter, preferably with one of your best friends. Try on a few different looks, pucker up for the mirror, and see what works best. Remember to wear a white shirt if your dress will be white to make sure you are see how your complexion, your lips, and the dress will all complement each other!

On the day of your wedding, designate a friend to carry a tube of your new favorite for touch-ups; whether you keep a balm or a lip moisturizer handy, many brides also swear by the “lip crayon,” a kind of touch-up magic that helps you blend out small imperfections in the lipstick. Given the importance of the day, it’s worth investing in a little new makeup for the occasion!

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