7 Must-Have Beauty Tools to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

Makeup and beauty tools on a vanity as a bride gets ready to do her wedding makeup.

Choosing to DIY your wedding makeup will not only ensure that it’s completely up to your standards, but it will also save you some cash, as getting your makeup done professionally can potentially cost you a pretty penny. Whether you consider yourself a pro at doing your makeup or you really only ever throw on a hint of mascara, you’ll need to assess what beauty tools you have at your disposal before the big day arrives. Here are the seven must-have beauty tools to do your own wedding makeup.

1. Makeup Primer

Before you get started on the rest of your makeup, you’ll need to start with a completely fresh canvas—and then add in some primer. Primers can do a multitude of things for your skin before makeup application. They can smooth out the surface and hydrate it, offer a glow or a mattified look, increase the wear time of your makeup, and provide a somewhat “sticky” surface your makeup can adhere to. Choose a primer that fits your most important needs for the day.

2. A Foundation You’ve Used Before

Your wedding is not the day to test out completely new products (which is why a makeup trial run is so important!), so be sure to use a foundation that you have experience wearing. If you plan on getting a spray tan, it’s crucial to match your foundation to match your bronzed skin tone.

3. Blending Tools

A woman using a beauty sponge to apply makeup on her wedding day.

Your photographer is going to be capturing every moment of your wedding day—and often up close and personal. When you’re doing your own makeup, be sure to blend, blend, and blend some more with either a blending sponge or your favorite buffing brush to ensure that your foundation is even and ready for all those kissing close-ups.

4. Waterproof Everything

Even if you’re not traditionally a crier, you want to be prepared for a few tears on your wedding day—whether you’re crying tears of joy when your dad walks you down the aisle, choking up as you read your vows, or crying from laughter when you see that surprise synchronized groomsmen dance at the reception. If you’re doing your own makeup, be sure to stock up on waterproof mascara and eyeliner so that you’ll be smudge-free even if you do tear up a little bit.

5. Q-Tips

When you do your own makeup, mistakes are bound to happen (especially if you’re a mimosa or two deep), so be prepared with a pack of cotton swabs to quickly fix any mishaps with eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick.

6. A Good Eyelash Curler

A woman curling her eyelashes as she's doing her makeup on her wedding day.

Don’t have sky high lashes? With a sturdy eyelash curler and some seriously good mascara, you can certainly fake them. Before you use this tool, ensure that your eyelash curler is completely clean so that you don’t have any traces of mascara goop on your fresh lashes.

7. Makeup Setting Spray

It takes a few hours to get your hair and makeup ready for your wedding—and you’ll need your makeup to look fresh all day and all night long. Keep your look lasting all day with a solid makeup setting spray, which can give you that “just applied” look for up to 12 hours.

Some Wedding Day Makeup Tips

In addition to those must-have beauty tools, you’ll also want to keep a few things in mind when you’re applying your own makeup on your wedding day.

  • Always do a trial run—with photographs: Weeks or even months before your wedding day, it’s crucial to test out all your makeup tools and products to make sure everything looks good together. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures under a variety of lighting!
  • Products with a high SPF will make you look washed out: Although products with SPF is a must-do for everyday living, if the SPF level is too high in your makeup then it has the potential to make your skin look chalky or washed out. Again, testing here is key.
  • Give yourself a lot of time to do your makeup: Just because you’re doing your makeup yourself doesn’t mean it should be rushed! Set aside plenty of time in the morning or afternoon to get your makeup done—with a recommended time of at least an hour and a half.
  • Don’t use anything super glossy: The less shiny you are in your wedding day photos, the better, so while glossy lips may be your thing on a Saturday night out, you might want to skip it on your wedding day in favor of a matte lip.
  • Put your makeup on BEFORE you put on your dress: This may be kind of a “duh” piece of advice, but it goes without saying that you should never put your makeup on after you slip on that white dress. Because you know you’re just bound to get red lip stain all over the front just minutes before you walk down the aisle.
  • Wear a button-down to get ready in: To avoid smearing or smudging, wear a button-down shirt when you get ready so that you can easily slip it off before you have to put on your dress.
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