7 Savvy Ways to Make Your Bridal Makeup Last all Day

A young bride with dark eyes and lip makeup.

The last thing you want to be worried about on your wedding day is whether your makeup has smudged, faded, or in some other way worn off. You want to be focused on the happiness and excitement of this day with your new spouse—not reapplying your lipstick. Here are some techniques and products to try that will help your makeup last from the vows and cake cutting to the dance floor.

1. Skincare

This may not be obvious, but keeping up with your skincare regimen in the weeks and months before the big day will have a huge factor in how your makeup wears the day of your wedding. Make sure you’re cleansing and moisturizing well leading up to the event, as well as staying hydrated with lots of water. You may also want to consider having a facial a few weeks before your wedding (not the same week in case your skin has a reaction to it!). Your skin is the base for all of your makeup, so treating it well will provide the best surface possible for makeup application.

2. Lash Extensions

A woman getting eyelash extensions for her wedding.

Another great option for keeping your makeup flawless on your wedding day is to consider lash extensions. Although getting extensions professionally done before your wedding will be an added cost, of course, the gorgeous aesthetic may be worth it to you. Your lashes will look flawless all day, without the weight or worry that false lashes bring—and getting lash extensions before your wedding will mean you can carry the look through your honeymoon, too! Extensions are a relatively easy and simple way to improve your overall wedding day look and keep you looking flawless from sun up to sun down.

3. Priming

A super simple but often overlooked aspect of long-lasting makeup is priming your face before makeup application. This could mean a general face primer under your foundation, of course, but you should also consider an eyelid primer and a lip primer as essentials before your big day. Primer gives you a great base for your makeup and can help keep things in place for hours more than if you just place cosmetics on your bare skin.

4. Lip Stain

A bride getting red lipstain applied to her lips as her wedding day makeup.

When making a decision on your lip color for the day, consider using a lip stain rather than a traditional lipstick, which can easily smudge, transfer, and fade. There are many reputable lip stains on the market that will last literally 12-24 hours, and some even come with a gloss or balm to help keep your lips shiny and camera-ready all day. The other benefit of a lip stain is that most are virtually transfer-proof, so the color will stay on your lips and not your partner’s.

5. Airbrushed Makeup

If you’re able to, consider using a makeup artist who specializes in airbrushed makeup for your wedding. This type of application not only makes your skin look absolutely flawless, but can actually last much longer than traditional makeup options. When looking into makeup artists to hire for your big day, be sure to ask if they offer airbrush options and consider choosing this method for your final look.

6. Microblading

A woman getting her eyebrows microbladed.

For flawless eyebrows that will truly last throughout your wedding day and beyond, consider microblading, which is essentially a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo made with small strokes to imitate hair. This technique can last up to three years and it mimics the look of natural eyebrow hair. This option will absolutely last much more than just through your wedding day and is a great option if you know you want to have perfectly polished but low-maintenance brows. Nowadays, there are many different types of microblading, so you’re able to exactly customize your brows to your favorite look. Because microblading is considered a type of tattooing, it’s important to make sure you give yourself some time before your actual event to let your skin calm down and adjust after such a major change.

7. Setting Spray

Another wedding day makeup essential is a good setting spray. A setting spray goes on after makeup application and can add hours of additional wear to your look. Be sure to choose a setting spray that will work well with the specific foundation you’ll be using and definitely do a test of all products together before your big day.

As you prepare for your wedding, the very last thing you want to be worried about is whether or not your makeup will stay in place all day, so consider these options to keep your makeup in place and your mind at rest. Whether you decide to go for some more long-lasting options like microblading or lash extensions, or whether you’d like something that will just help on the day-of such as setting sprays and lip stains, there are plenty of options to keep your face perfectly polished from the first photos to the last.

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