8 Beautiful Hairstyles for You and Your Bridesmaids

  • Flower Bridal Hairstyle

    No matter whether you are the bridesmaid or the bride, part of the fun of a wedding day is getting your hair done! Some groups choose a nice blowout salon and others gather curling irons and have an at-home styling party. You and your girls have a great reason to celebrate, and many great hairstyles to choose from. If you are stumped as to which style will look best on you, consider these options for the big day. If you have plans for a bachelorette weekend or night, consider practicing your chosen hairstyle on that night and see how it holds up, since many brides and bridesmaids go with something a little fancier than their typical style for the big day.

  • Classic Bun Hairstyle

    Bun: An Oldie but a Goodie

    A classic, the bun involves twisting your hair up and securing it with pins and ties. This style is a great way to be beautiful and practical at the same time: buns keep your hair off your neck, are nice and secure while you dance the night away, and look so elegant. Some people braid their ponytail before coiling it up, while others just twist the ponytail on itself, giving a cinnamon roll-like coiffure. This is a nice style for right after a shampoo, since it dries and tends to stay fairly neat in place.

  • Crown Braid Hairstyle

    Braid Crown: Look like the Fairy Tale Princess You Are

    The braid crown, popularized in fantasy movies and shows, also makes for a great fairytale wedding hairstyle. Another benefit of this hairstyle is that it tends to stand up well over time, so even if you are in an outdoor wedding with a little wind, it’s likely to continue to look regal and ethereal throughout the evening.

  • French Twist Hairstyle

    French Twist: Audrey Hepburn for a Night

    Considered a truly elegant hairstyle, the French Twist was popularized in the 50s, 60s, and 70s and still are great for more formal weddings. A great bridesmaid gift for the day of the wedding is a set of matching barrettes or clips to help their French twists stay perfectly turned in on themselves and matching for photographs.

  • Up and Down Hairstyle

    Half Up, Half Down: An Easy, Practical, Classy Choice

    With a small ponytail or bun on the top layer of hair and long, loose hair underneath, the half-up-half-down look takes very little time to do but looks flattering on so many face types. It keeps hair from getting mussed, as is possible when hair it completely down, but also lets your lovely locks cascade over a beautiful dress. You can’t go wrong with this classic and practical look.

  • Wavy Hair

    Waves: Look like the Girls in Shampoo Commercials

    Whether your hair is naturally wavy, you sleep in braids, or you use a curling iron, loose, easy waves make for an incredibly beautiful and sweet wedding look. You’ll want a little hairspray to make sure that all the movement and dancing don’t make them frizzy by the end of the night, but this look is especially astonishing on women with voluminous hair that doesn’t easily take to an updo.

  • Low Bun Hairstyle

    Side Braid: Taming Your Mane and Looking Lovely

    Similar to a bun, an updo at the nape of the neck is a fashionable and beautiful choice. Because it smooths out the top of the head, this look de-emphasizes your hair. This is a great look for a bride or bridesmaid who wants to emphasize their beautiful make-up or draw attention to their dress or jewelry by keeping their hairstyle subtle.

  • Side Braid Hairstyle

    Side Braid: Taming Your Mane and Looking Lovely

    For an outdoorsy or casual wedding, you cannot go wrong with a side braid. Not only does a side braid keep all your locks bound up and not flying away, it also works for any thickness of hair, be it a nice thin braid or a thick plait. Add a shiny hairtie or a sparkling barrette if you want to use a side braid in a fancier wedding; it dresses up or down perfectly.

  • Curly Hair

    Full Curls: Hollywood Starlet with Some Bounce to Her Step

    Whether your hair is naturally corkscrewing all the time or you just really love to be able to pull and release a big pretty curl, your special day is the perfect time to fill your head with perfect ringlets. Less casual than a big waves look, the full curls will give you a Hollywood-beauty look that is at once timeless and vintage. Make sure you test this hairstyle ahead of time and figure out how much product you need to keep those curls bouncing throughout the ceremony and reception.

  • Mom adjusts bride's necklace

    No matter which 'do you choose, you and your bridesmaids will have fun trying them out. Don't stress about getting them perfect: all of these hairstyles can be redone between the ceremony and reception if need be!

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