9 Trending Bridal Hairstyles for 2019

A bride with a messy yet refined bun sitting in a classic car.

Just like any other aspect of wedding trends, bridal hairstyles are ever-evolving—and thank goodness (would we really still want to have all that crimped hair underneath our veils?). So what exactly can you expect to see in wedding hair in 2019?

This year, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the relaxed hairstyles that we’ve been seeing for the last few wedding seasons. Long gone are the days of complicated updos and a couple of cans of hairspray to keep everything in tact. In general, brides are trying to work with what their hair does best instead of the other way around. Need some inspiration for your bridal tresses? Here are the nine most popular wedding hairstyles for 2019.

1. A Messy, Yet Refined, Bun

All eyes were on Meghan Markle last year as she dazzled her way down the aisle to marry Prince Harry—and no one could stop talking about her hair, which was styled in a slightly messy, yet completely gorgeous, bun. Loose tendrils were strategically pulled out to give the hairstyle a more relaxed look, which let the veil and tiara be the star of the show. It’s no surprise, then, that a Meghan copycat hairstyle is trending this year. Not only is her hairstyle easy to pull off, but it also doesn’t require a quart of hairspray to hold. It looks completely natural—perfect for the no-fuss bride.

2. Sleek and Simple

Another trend that will be big in 2019 is simply wearing your hair down and straight. This is especially welcome news for brides who have fine hair or hair that doesn’t hold curl or style very easily. All that’s needed is a flat iron and a little spritz of hairspray to prevent flyaways. You can dress it up with a veil, hair accessories, or some strategically placed bobby pins—or just lean into the look and wear it as is.

3. Wavy and Relaxed

A bride wearing her hair wavy and relaxed, which is a trending bridal hairstyle for 2019.

Intricate updos are no longer what every bride is envisioning for her wedding day look. Instead, many are opting for effortless, bohemian looking waves that pair perfectly with a veil, a flower crown, or a small hair clip or decoration. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs, choose to DIY your own bridal waves (or ask a friend to do it) instead of paying a pricey stylist to do your hair for the day.

4. A Classic Bun

There’s one wedding hairstyle that will never go out of style: the classic, tidy bun. If you’re not one for a messy or undone look, you should consider a simple, swept back bun. This style will keep the hair out of your face, will look elegant with any cut of dress, and will pair well with a veil should you choose to wear one. A chic, simple bun can balance out a dramatic dress or makeup look and allow the rest of your look to take center stage.

5. A Pretty Ponytail

A bride wearing a pretty ponytail, which is a trending bridal hairstyle for 2019.

Ponytails are also becoming a popular wedding hair look for the bride who wants a relaxed look, but doesn’t want her hair to get in the way of all the champagne drinking and dancing. But this isn’t any ordinary throw-your-hair-up-for-the-gym pony—it’s more elegant and styled.

6. Braids, Braids, Braids

Is there anything more elegant than a braid? Whether you choose to put your hair in one loose, romantic braid or you opt for multiple braids, a braid is an easy hairstyle that will make a huge impact on your wedding day look. Look for braids of all shapes and sizes to be big in bridal hair for 2019.

7. A Grown-Up Flower Clip

A bride wearing a rose hair clip, which is a trendy bridal hairstyle for 2019.

Another hair trend you’ll see in 2019 is the use of grown-up hair accessories like flower clips or pins that are fastened into loose waves, creating a bohemian and whimsical bridal look. This look will pair well with a boho-style dress or a simple sheath dress that needs a bit of dressing up.

8. Embracing Natural Curls

This year’s bridal hair trends are all about embracing what mother nature gave you, and this includes those who were born with curly hair. Instead of spending hours straightening hair or trying to tame it into an updo, let your curls bounce and shine underneath your veil or a decorative headpiece. To make this look stand out, talk to your stylist about de-frizzing techniques and products that will make your curls bounce and last throughout the day—no matter the weather.

9. Bows

Bows are back and bigger than ever in 2019. We’re seeing them pop up on dresses and you’re sure to see a few brides strategically using them in their hair. Whether you’re using a bow to dress up a ponytail or placing one in the back of a half up-do, it’ll be an elegant addition to your bridal look.

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