A Beauty Timeline Leading Up to the Wedding

A Middle Eastern woman wearing a white headpiece and makeup for her wedding.

Your beauty team is there to make sure there’s no frizz in your updo and that your waterproof mascara will hold up during your vows (because there will be tears), but there are still a few things you’ll want to think about beauty-wise so that you feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Should you choose to go all out for your wedding day look, we’ve created this easy-to-follow beauty timeline so that you can keep track of when to make all your appointments—because we know you’ve already got enough planning on your plate.

Six Months Before the Wedding

An Asian dermatologist looking at a patient's skin in front of a computer.

The first order of business is to schedule a visit to the dermatologist. If you’re having any skin concerns or are in need of any topical treatments, you’ll want to get this done good and early just in case your skin has any reactions to medication.

Six months before the wedding is also a good time to meet with potential hair stylists and/or makeup artists so you can book them as soon as possible. If you’re going the DIY makeup route, you’ll want to take a makeup lesson from a local professional and research/try as many products as you can so you can get a sense of what you like and what looks best.

Five Months Before

This is the time you’ll need to make some crucial hair decisions. If your hair is short, are you going to grow it out? If you’ve experimented with dyeing your hair, are you going to try to go back to your natural color? To help you figure all this out and more, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with your regular stylist and work together on making a wedding plan for dyeing, growing out, or cutting your hair.

Five months before the wedding is also a crucial time to get your skin prepped for the big day through a regular skincare routine. If you’ve been slacking on your skincare routine, now is the time to ramp it up by regular exfoliating, using a gentle cleanser, and moisturizing. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water!

Four Months Before

A woman getting her eyebrows microbladed before her wedding.

We’re getting closer to your wedding date, and now is the time to put more of the focus on your face—and specifically on your brows. To get your brows in good shape, schedule a brow-grooming appointment so that a professional can help guide your misshaped brows into beautiful arches that frame your face.

Born with patchy brows or over-plucked for years? You might want to think about microblading (a semi-permanent tattooing technique that gives you the appearance of more brow hairs) so that you can get that full brow you’ve always dreamed of.

Three Months Before

You’re three months out from your wedding day, which means that plans are really starting to take shape, you’re wrapping things up—oh, and you’re super stressed out. Calm things down a bit by scheduling a facial that’s specialized for your specific skin type and/or booking a massage.

Three months before your wedding is also a good time for your hair and makeup trial run, so take full advantage of your gorgeous face by having an impromptu date night with your future spouse. Before the day of your hair trial, get a light trim and touch up your roots so that you can see your wedding day look exactly as it’s going to be.

Two Months Before

A bride wearing a lace dress and holding a perfume bottle.

Not only do you want to look great on your wedding day, but you also want to smell fantastic. Two months before your wedding is the perfect time to pick your wedding day perfume so that it can always remind you of your special day that was filled with so much love.

Two months before your wedding is also prime time to try out a spray tan technician if you want a bronzed glow on your wedding day. Definitely don’t wait until the last minute to do this—the last thing you want on your wedding is orange skin.

One Month Before

Ready or not, the wedding will be here in a blink of an eye! One month before your wedding, decide on a lip color and keep an extra tube with you so you can touch up throughout your wedding night. It’s also a good idea to schedule a brow appointment to tame any strays and get your arch in good shape.

Two Weeks Before

A woman getting her teeth whitened at a dentist.

It’s getting to be crunch time. The final details are being wrapped up and things are starting to feel real. In between all of your running around town doing wedding errands, you should schedule your final cut and color or at least just get a trim. Don’t do anything drastic—no matter how stressed you are. Now is not the time for last-minute hair changes.

If you’ve been slurping down iced coffees like it’s your job, you might also want to whiten your teeth with some white strips. You’re going to be smiling a lot, after all!

One Week Before

To prevent any puffiness on your big day, now is the time to cut down on your alcohol consumption (yes, even if your future mother-in-law is being difficult). You’ll also want to pack a beauty kit for the wedding day, which should include everything from hair spray to Q-tips.

Three Days Before

A waxing technician spreading hot wax on a woman's leg.

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is shave your legs, so three days before is a good time to schedule a waxing appointment for your legs, arms, and bikini area, if you so wish.

Two Days Before

If you’ve decided to get a spray tan, now is the time to do it. Now is not the time to be shy—so don’t be afraid to get in there in your birthday suit because the last thing you want are bra strap lines.

You’ll also want those tootsies and fingernails to look polished, so book a manicure and pedicure two days prior to the wedding.

One Day Before

A young woman getting a massage before her wedding day with candles around her.

Wash your hair and style in the morning so that your hair isn’t completely fresh on your wedding day (slightly dirty hair always holds style better). If you have the time before your rehearsal dinner, schedule a massage so that you’re nice and relaxed before you see friends and family.

Day of the Wedding

It’s finally your wedding day! Take a minute to soak it all in before you get started on your beauty regimen.

Wash your face, exfoliate, and moisturize as you normally would because your makeup artist will want to start with a completely clean face.

Three hours before your wedding starts, get your hair done. Two hours before the wedding, put on your makeup. One hour before, attach your headpiece, if you’re wearing one. Now, pop a breath mint, take a shot, and walk down that aisle!

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