A Guide to Bridal Beauty Appointments

A woman in a robe with a face mask on and various beauty products held up around her.

The week of your wedding and the months leading up to it can certainly be crazy, with a flurry of vendor calls and emails, venue walkthroughs, and the need to tend to a wide range of other important details. Another thing to add to the endless list of to-dos is a wide range of beauty appointments that you may or may not opt to indulge in as you prepare for your big day. In order to look and feel your best as you walk down the aisle, there are several appointments you may be interested in that will leave you feeling pampered and fabulous.

Hair and Makeup Trial

One of the first bridal beauty appointments you’ll book will likely be your hair and makeup trials! These are important to ensure that you and your glam team are on the same page about how you’ll look the day of. Make these as far out as you want; just don’t make them too close to the big day in case you need to try a few more styles or opt for a different makeup or hair artist to better suit your style.

Laser Hair Removal

While it’s on the more expensive side, many brides enjoy splurging on laser hair removal in preparation for their wedding. This big-ticket beauty appointment works to eliminate hair that you would usually get rid of with a different, less-permanent method like shaving or waxing. Many brides use laser hair removal along their bikini line, in their armpits, and even on larger areas like their legs. Start these appointments six months out from your wedding as it could take time to go through all the laser treatments necessary for the process to be fully effective.


A woman getting a facial.

One of the most common appointments brides make to prepare for their wedding are regular facials. These are beneficial to do as often as possible starting six or three months before your wedding. Regular facials help to clear your skin and even your skin tone, making your complexion picture-perfect for the big day. Working with an aesthetician in the months before your wedding so that they understand your skincare needs and what your skin reacts best to will help improve the experience.

Spray Tanning

Many brides opt to get a spray tan for their big day to even out their skin tone and get a healthy glow. Experts recommend trying this three months before your wedding so that you find a salon that does well for you and your skin type. This way, you can also experiment with the shade a few times if needed so you don’t end up too dark or too light for your expectations.

Teeth Whitening

Many brides like to have their teeth professionally whitened in order to have a bright smile the day of their wedding and in their wedding photos. Start these consultations and appointments about three months out from your wedding. Many dentists offer this as a service, so check with yours at your next regular appointment if you’re interested in the process.

Hair Cut and Color

A woman getting her hair washed in a salon.

If you want to make any major changes to your hair, it’s wise to do so three months out from your wedding. This includes a major cut, highlights, or color change. This way if you don’t like the change, there’s more than enough time to rectify it before you walk down the aisle. If you need more of a trim than a full-on haircut, you can schedule one closer to your big day, such as a month out.

Waxing Appointments

If you don’t choose to go with laser hair removal, you’ll definitely want to make appointments for waxing about two weeks prior to your wedding. This goes for eyebrow waxing as well as anything on the body. Let your hair grow out in these areas for two weeks prior to the waxing appointment for the best, most long-lasting results.

Nail Appointments

Get your nails done as close as possible to your wedding date. Try to make your manicure and pedicure appointment for the day before your wedding so that it’s close to your event, but you’re not squeezing it in the morning of, as that will already be rushed. Think ahead of time what color you’ll want to wear on your nails and perhaps even try it beforehand to ensure it’s exactly what you envision.

Eyelash Extensions

A woman getting eyelash extensions.

Many brides choose to enhance their eyelashes in some way for their wedding. This could be in the form of eyelash extensions, an eyelash lift, or an eyelash tint. All of these have the goal to make the lashes more noticeable. If you decide to experiment with any of these procedures, starting them three months out is best to have time for any necessary adjustments. It also gives you time to get used to these changes!

There are so many beauty appointments that go into the perfect bridal look, so really consider which are right for you and plan ahead so that you have the time to commit to all that you want to indulge in before the big day.

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