Beautiful, DIY Bride: Tips For Doing Your Own Hair And Makeup

A bride holds up a makeup brush

You have spent weeks, months, maybe even years thinking about exactly how you’ll look on your wedding day. You’ve seen stunning brides in magazines, pinned hair inspiration online, tried out a few YouTube tutorials, the whole nine yards. At this point, you’re practically an expert! So here’s a thought: why not do your wedding hair and makeup yourself?

Believe me, it’s not as crazy as it seems. After all, you are your personal glam squad every other day of the year. No one knows your face and hair quite like you! If you can confidently make yourself look stunning every other day of the year, there’s no reason your wedding day should be different (unless, of course, you want a pro glam team. Then, go for it!).

However, DIY brides should change their routine just a smidge for their big day. Here are a few tips that will help you look like a breathtaking brideall on your own.

Various tools for hair and makeup

Makeup and Hair Essentials

If you’re going to do your own wedding hair and makeup, you’ll first need to take inventory of your beauty toolkit. Make sure your brushes are clean, your hair care tools are up to snuff (no finicky curling irons on your watch), and that your makeup is ready for use. If you need to stock up, do it ASAPno one wants to run out of foundation on their wedding day!

While it is a good idea to pick up some extra cosmetics before the big day, it’s important to play it safe when it comes to brands; if you’ve found the perfect full-coverage foundation, why try something else? However, you may want to look for products labeled “long-wear” or “long-lasting,” as those have a better chance of staying on the full day.

It’s also important to consider the season in which you’re getting married. If you’re getting married in the summer, for example, your skin tone may naturally be a shade darker that in your earlier practice trials (or, if you’re getting married in the fall/winter, vice versa). Keep this in mind when you’re replenishing your makeup case, or you’ll end up with unsuitable colors on the big day!

The Tricks

Chances are, you already know how to do your makeup. After all, you do it all the timeto go to work, weekend brunch with the girls, a date with your future spouse. You know which products work for your face and which looks make you look amazing. But on your wedding day, there’s one added element: your photographer. If you want your makeup to look as stunning through the lens as it does in real life, you’ll need to use a few little tricks.

Firstly, avoid any foundations or powders that call themselves “high-definition” or “anti-aging.” While these can look lovely in person, the particles in these products are very reflective. If you use even a teeny bit too much, the flash from your photographer will leave you looking washed out and ghostly pale.

You may be thinking, “No problem. I just won’t use too much anti-aging powder!” I hate to break it too you, but using too much is almost inevitable; if you want your makeup to show up in photos, it must look a little darker and more dramatic in person. Take photos of yourself under different lighting styles (natural, fluorescent, etc) during your trial sessions until you find the optimal balance between real-world beauty and a gorgeous photo.

When it comes to your wedding day hair, the word of the day is “volume.” You can choose any style in the world (trust me, there’s a YouTube tutorial for every last one of them), but without volumizing products it will be flat and lifeless by the bouquet toss. Experiment with different hairsprays and dry shampoos before your wedding day until you find the one that keeps your tresses looking incredible.

A glamorous bride poses outdoors

The Finishing Touches

Every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day. In fact, I’m willing to bet that this is the key reason that brides hire a professionalthey want to look extra-glamorous, and they know a makeup artist can do it right. However, a few finishing touches will accomplish the same thing (and save you some money for the honeymoon).

False eyelashes are a must-have for any bride on her wedding day. These little beauties make a colossal difference in your overall look, and they’re actually quite easy to use (once you get used to them). If you’re not familiar with falsies, talk to your girlfriends and get their advice, or check out a tutorial online. Then, try a few different types until you find the lashes that suit your look.

Most brides spend weeks figuring out the exactly makeup look they want, going over every detail of their face. That’s great, but you’re not done there: body makeup is another key factor for achieving that wedding glow. Look for a highlight or shimmery moisturizer that you love and make sure to put some on before you walk down the aisle!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Finally, the most important tip of all: practice your look! Do your makeup and hair several times before the big day so it feels more automatic the morning of. Time yourself so you know exactly how long it will takeand then give yourself double that amount of time on your wedding day.

If you stick with these tips and make sure you’re prepared, doing your own bridal look will be a breeze. Not only will you be an absolutely gorgeous bride, but you’ll get to feel a little extra excitement and pride because you created the look yourself!

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