Classic Beauty Secrets that Hold Up

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A flawless complexion is the most vital part of creating a classic beauty look for a wedding. Covering acne and other imperfections with foundation can get very tiresome, but a simple skin routine can help keep your skin beautiful and soft. Whether you’ve been doing your makeup for years or haven’t touched a makeup brush before, here are a few classic beauty secrets that will hold up.

Applying Makeup

Using foundation and primers that contain vitamins and minerals are less harsh on your skin than those that are not natural. They can also help refresh your skin in ways more synthetic formulas can’t. Read the labels when buying new makeup products and be mindful of what they contain. The benefits of vitamins and minerals are well known, and have become more popular in makeup products so many product packaging highlight when they’ve added beneficial ingredients.

Priming your eyelids before attempting an amazing blended eyeshadow look can reduce the irritation your skin could possibly have after taking off your makeup. Look for light primers that won’t clog your pores or make you feel like you have a second layer on all day. Try it out well before your wedding.

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or just trying to find the right skin routine, look for water-based makeup removers to help clean up any dirt that has piled up in your pores. Micellar wipes are a special water-based makeup remover that can help your skin recoup from all the makeup that has applied leading up to your wedding. Popular in France for over a century, micellar water is special blend of microscopic oil and water that actually attracts dirt out of your pores like a magnet. After wearing a full face of makeup, at the end of the day the most important step in maintaining clear and beautiful skin is making sure you’ve taken it all off before heading to bed.

A woman uses makeup remover while looking in a mirror

Hydration & Exfoliation

Hydrating your skin and body is a classic beauty tip that will hold up forever. If you are into doing makeup, keeping your skin hydrated always helps. Use a water-based primer to keep your skin looking alive and healthy so that it compliments the makeup you’re putting on. Matte primers can cause irritation to the skin and lead to breakouts. Speaking from personal experience, my skin is very dry and needs hydration at least two times a day. Purchasing a water-based lotion helps keep my skin hydrated. Drinking water is also a good way to give your skin the hydration it needs, something easily forgotten during stressful wedding planning. Water is the main chemical the human body needs in order to live and survive afterall.

Another important step that should be added to your skin routine is exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin once every few days can help prevent acne breakouts, skin irritation, and a dull skin tone. No harsh chemicals are needed, just water and gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating face washes can be store bought or even homemade if you want to take a more natural route.

A woman puts conditioner in her hair

Healthy Hair and Body

There are a lot of natural beauty tips for hair that have stood the test of time. For example, applying coconut oil to your eyelashes, hair, and eyebrows can help your hair grow faster and thicker. Certain oils and herbs can help maintain beautiful looking hair, but can vary depending on your individual needs. Personally, I use Jojoba oil which helps induce the thickness of curls. Growing up with curly hair was very difficult, I was unable to find substances that helped my hair grow rather than fall out. Finally, after years of searching and trying new things, simple vitamins and oils helped my hair grow in a healthy way.

Deep conditioning and shampooing help many women and men with hair growth. Naturally, hair grows and looks better when no harsh chemicals are added as well. And be careful with your hair dryer, straightener, etc, as excessive heat can cause damage to your hair.

Whether it’s your legs, arms, or face, moisturizing should be one of the number one classic beauty tips. Having dry skin can be very hard to deal with and the more you get accustomed to moisturizing the easier it will be.

Just like your face, in order to keep your body’s skin looking bright and beautiful, incorporate gentle exfoliation and hydration to your skin routine.

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