Everything to Know About Lash Extensions for Your Wedding

A bride wearing eyelash extensions on her wedding.

If you’ve never loved the length of your lashes, or you think that they’re too fine or lightly colored to show up well in photographs, you may want to consider lash extensions for your wedding day. While you can certainly use fake eyelashes found at the drugstore, lash extensions offer longevity and a different look than the typical strip lashes you apply with glue. Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting lash extensions applied for your wedding to decide if they’re the right choice for you.

The Basics of Lash Extensions

A woman getting eyelash extensions applied before her wedding.

The concept behind lash extensions is that, with a trained lash technician at the helm, you can use a fiber like silk or cashmere and a specialized lash adhesive to “fill in” your lashes and make them look naturally voluminous. Each lash extension adheres to one of your existing lashes, which means that the process of application can take quite a while, but relaxing on a chair or bed with your eyes closed for a couple of hours is actually a healthy choice in the lead-up to your wedding!

There are two types of lash extensions. Classic lash extensions attach one new lash fiber to each of your existing lashes. This creates a much thicker and more vibrant lash. The other option besides the classic technique is called Volume, or sometimes Russian Volume: rather than using a slightly thicker lash extension, this process adds multiple extremely fine lash extensions to each of your lashes, resulting in a truly striking and full lash. This process is a little more painstaking, but the decision to use a Volume style really just depends on the look you desire.

Timing Eyelash Extensions with Your Wedding

A woman getting eyelash extensions applied before her wedding.

While your day-of hair and makeup can be done on the morning of your wedding, you can’t receive lash extensions on your wedding day. The professional recommendation is for you to get them at least one week out from the special day, which provides time to ensure you like the look and that you have no adverse reactions to the lash adhesive. Lash extensions tend to last in their full form for two to three weeks, so having them on for a week leading up to your wedding won’t make them look worse for the wear.

However, if this is your first experience with lash extensions, it might be worth it to try even earlier— possibly four to six weeks early. By testing the waters, you learn what you like about the lashes and exactly what stage of the process you look the best. “Fill-in” appointments are common after lash extensions, when any lashes that have been naturally shed and grown back will have new extensions added. Getting lash extensions four to six weeks before your wedding is also valuable if you can’t decide between classic and Volume.

Lash Extension Care and Concerns

A bride wearing eyelash extensions and getting her makeup done on her wedding day.

Make sure your eye makeup for the big day such as liner, shadow, and even shadow primers are also lash extension-safe. The same applies for oil-based makeup remover. Avoid it, or at least don’t use it anywhere near your lashes, where it can break down the adhesive and make your lashes fall off faster.

Talk to your lash technician to make sure the mascara you plan on wearing for your wedding works with lash extensions. Not all mascara works on all lash extensions. However, many lash technicians recommend that you were no mascara at all, which is one of the benefits of even getting extensions in the first place. Lash extensions can be a great way long-term to cut out the need for mascara and be part of a “natural” makeup look.

Pamper your eyelashes. Don’t sleep on your side or in other ways that squish your face, and avoid steam or water until you are absolutely sure the lash adhesive has set. Make sure you use a little eyelash comb daily; fuller lashes get a little unruly if you don’t occasionally (and gently!) brush them out.

Expect for the lash extensions to last about six to eight weeks. Since we naturally lose eyelashes all the time, they will gradually fall out during that timeframe.

Lash extensions are a fun way to pamper yourself before your wedding. You may discover that they’re something you want to continue wearing after the honeymoon’s over, or you might decide that lash extensions are a big occasion treat. Regardless, they can make your eyes truly pop on your wedding day.

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