Hairstyles that Compliment Your Wedding Dress

A bride with an updo hairstyle with roses braided in

What came first, the hairstyle or the dress? It’s true that certain hairstyles just work better with a specific type of dress, but why? The neckline of any dress gives it an important distinction. When it comes to hair choices, this is one of the main points you want to look at. Is your long hair going to interrupt the beautiful structure of the neckline?

Some dresses are meant to be seen without hair getting in the way. Then again, some dresses look too stark with an updo. Lets run through some of the most common dress neckline styles and the hairdos that flatter them best.

Bride wearing a sweethart neckline dress with wavy long hair


The sweetheart neckline is a classic and fortunately works with just about anything, so if you’re indecisive about your hair this style gives you plenty of options. I’ve seen some messy updos that work just fine and some half-up half-down styles that work very nicely. The hairstyle that absolutely works with the sweetheart is a long and wavy style. Since the sweetheart is so simple, you have the freedom to curl away and let those locks flow wherever they want to.

Straight Across

If you have a straight across neckline, fashion is your forte. These types of dresses tend to be very runway chic and structured. The best look for these is a hairstyle that’s just as sleek as the dress itself. Try a pulled back look either in a modern ponytail or slick French twist.


This type of neckline seems to give ballerina vibes. It’s only fitting then that this dress be paired with a lovely bun. I have also seen hairstyles paired with this type of dress that feature a low curled ponytail running down the back.

Bride with a v neckline dress and long, wavy hair

V Neck

If there was ever a time to rock your long hair it’s now. The v neck wedding dress tends to look absolutely gorgeous with hair down. Long or medium length, a down and wavy hairdo should do the trick.

One Shoulder

The one shoulder wedding dress style prefers an updo that has a swept appearance. Pull the hair to one side for a balancing look or pull it back in a mess of curls.


A wedding dress with a scoop neckline brings drama to the top of the bodice. You can choose to match that drama with a low bun on the nape of the neck or you can go classic with a half-up half-down style that lays on the back.

Queen Anne

The Queen Anne look is fierce! You don’t want to interrupt the structure of this bodice with long hair worn down. To keep the neckline a feature, try a swept twist, perhaps with an accessory as extra as the neckline itself.

Bride with a high neckline and a messy updo hairstyle

High Neckline

This is another dress type that prefers an up-do. You can go modern with a sleek pulled back look or, if your dress is more classic, pull it up in a more careless boho style.


With the way the neckline ties at the top, you won’t want to interrupt this one with lots of hair. The halter tends to look more beachy so try a loose braid that goes down one shoulder or a loose gathering of curls atop your head.

Off the Shoulder

For this type, you’ll want to examine the details. Is there a lot of beading or lace on the upper part of the bodice where the neckline is? If so, you’ll want to pull your hair up. If your bodice is plain then you can feel free to wear your hair down. The reason being you don’t want too much going on. If there’s accessory on your neckline, let that be the focal point.

Bride with a messy twist braid hairdo


The bateau neckline offers the same straight across line for the eye. The best way to keep this detail noticed is to pull up the hair into some kind of up-do. I have seen a lovely twist with a braided bang that looked fantastic with a bateau styled neckline.


This neckline offers a sheer material and sometimes beading or other embellishments. This is another one of those types of dresses that varies on which hairstyle looks the best. If your illusion neckline is embellished you may want to pull the hair up into a top bun. If your illusion neckline is just sheer and mainly there for structural purposes, feel free to cover it up with a long straight or wavy hairstyle.

Your hair and dress are what you make of it. Any dress can go with any style if you really want it that way. Don’t let this list limit your possibilities. Use it as a guide to help you decide, but make up your own mind. This list is very general and only you know how you look in your dress. If you’re still not sure, ask your wedding party or family for their opinions. Just remember to ultimately ask yourself what hairstyle makes you feel fabulous and go with that!

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