How to Cut Down on Your Hair Budget

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Perfection is priceless on your wedding day. Of course, this is only true if you’re flying with a crazy high budget where you don’t have to pay attention to hidden costs or last minute additions. One thing you can’t forget to include in your planning is a hair styling allowance. Your hair is a huge part of looking like royalty on your big day, but you don’t have to pay royal prices. Here’s a few ways to save big on your wedding day hair budget.

Research and Choose a Wedding Hair Style

Know what you want. Research styles and decide what looks best on you. How does this save money? You won’t have to make appointments and pay for practice times if you already know exactly what you want going in. This will also save lots of time for whomever you decide to use as your stylist. You can go curly, straight, up, down, half up and half down! From a classic look to a messy, trendy look, decide what works best for your style and your overall look long before you ever get to a chair.

Decide Who Is Paying

Sometimes the wedding couple wants every person in their wedding party to look alike while other times it doesn’t really matter to anyone. It’s up to you to decide if you want to have everyone’s hair done and if you will pay for it. If you choose not to, tell everyone ahead of time that you would prefer that they pay for it on their own, and prepare to be much more flexible on the style and cost.

Use Friends’ Hidden Hair Talents

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One of your best friends might just have a hidden cosmetology talent. Think of your friends who seem to always have flawless hair. Ask them if they could practice a few times and perfect your wedding day hair design. Decades ago, it wasn’t a big thing to have someone give you a total makeover for the big day. Check out old family photos and you might see your aunt’s perfect hair on her wedding that she actually did herself! It’s worth a try to see if she could create that masterpiece on you. Always practice with the person you choose to make sure their talents aren’t just a fluke and they can actually create what you want.

Use Your Usual Hair Stylist

Ask your personal hairdresser what he or she would charge to do your hair for the big day, as they may give you a discount since you’re a regular. Some people get crazy and go for the most sought after hair stylist in town, paying top dollar when their personal hair magician might be right under their nose (or standing over their hair!) If you plan on paying for everyone in your wedding to have their hair done, ask your stylist if they will do a bulk group price, too.

Travel to the Stylist

Many people don’t want to run around all morning on the day of their wedding, so they bring the beauty crews to them. This can up their budget a few hundred dollars. Instead, travel to the salon to save that money. It won’t take too much time away from from your last minute preparations and changing time as it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to perfect your hair if your stylist is as good as you know they are!

Do it Yourself

This could be a very scary thought if you can’t even make a ponytail look cute on a lazy day. Some brides have a special talent of making a bad hair day into a work of art. If you’re great at doing hair or you don’t need anything too extravagant, go for it. You know the way you like your hair curled, and you know what works best for your hair, so do it yourself if you can. If people are always complimenting you on your hairstyles, then practice your wedding day hair design and see if you can perfect it.

Ditch the Veil

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The veil is a hair tradition many brides are ditching these days. It just adds money and hides many hair designs. Think about choosing a pretty headpiece or a tiara or opting for a hairstyle without any hair pieces. It’s up to you if the veil is worth the extra money to match your dress, but remember veils are usually over 100 dollars. It might sound like a small number, but when it gets down to the end of wedding planning, it seems every bit counts.

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