How to Look Like a Glamorous Bride at an Outdoor Wedding

A bride and groom embracing at their outdoor wedding.

Outdoor weddings are all the rage these days as couples gravitate towards chic and simple beach, backyard, and mountain affairs. While these are beautiful, fun, and usually more affordable than other types of weddings, outdoor weddings can be tough on one person: the bride. Gtting married in the natural elements can make it challenging to maintain the perfect bridal look created by the bride herself or her glam squad. Thankfully, there are a range of measures to take in order to protect a beauty look from being ruined and to stay picture-perfect from the walk down the aisle all the way until the last dance—even if the soirée takes place in the great outdoors. Keep your bridal makeup pristine at an outdoor wedding by following these helpful tips and tricks.

Avoid Wearing Sticky Lipgloss

Lipgloss sure is pretty, but using it in the outdoors can cause a big problem. If it’s even slightly windy, your hair can end up stuck to your lips. Use a lipstick or lipstain instead. (Bonus: these formulas are longer-lasting than a slick lipgloss, anyway.)

Keep Extra Bobby Pins on Hand

Bobby pins are a bride’s best friend when it comes to keeping hair tamed during an outdoor wedding. Have a loved one or bridesmaid hold onto these to ensure that you’re able to easily pin back stray hairs throughout the day.

Use Makeup Primers to Keep Everything in Place

A bride smelling her bouquet and wearing big sparkly earrings.

It’s incredibly important to use face primer and eyeshadow primer before applying your wedding makeup. Primers help makeup stay intact and also prevent the build-up of oil or creasing and melting. Don’t skip this vital first step or else your bridal look will quickly go down the tubes in the face of extreme weather conditions. However, primer that contains oil does nothing but promote build-up on your face throughout the day. Opt for an oil-free primer that will give you a matte look for the entirety of the day.

Account for Sweat When Considering Your Hairstyle

If you are prone to sweating on your neck or back in higher temperatures or when you’re in the sun, you may want to consider pulling your hair back for your outdoor wedding. This prevents frizziness and an unwanted disruption to your hairstyle, giving you one less thing to worry about on your big day!

Use a Finishing Spray After Your Makeup Application

Use a finishing spray to set your look in place and keep it looking fresh for the entirety of your day. Don’t skip this step as it makes a big difference!

Choose a Hairstyle that Complements Your Natural Hair Type

A bride at her outdoor wedding holding a bouquet and wearing her hair down in loose waves.

The heat and humidity of an outdoor wedding can work against your hair style if you’re going for something that’s not quite natural for your hair type and texture. For instance, if your hair is naturally pin-straight, you may end up disappointed if you curl your hair and the style falls from hummidity a few hours into the day. To combat this, it may be best to go with the style and texture of your hair that’s most natural and will ensure your style last the entirety of the event.

Use SPF to Protect Your Skin

There are so many makeup options out there that feature built-in protection from the sun. For an outdoor wedding, it would be silly not to include some SPF in your makeup routine. This could be the difference between a red face and a beautifully sunkissed one in the aftermath of your big event.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Clean

Many hair stylists perpetuate the rumor that slightly dirty hair can help to hold a style better than squeaky clean hair. However, dirt and oil build-up usually weighs hair down and can work against whatever style you’ve worked to add into your hair. Depending on your hair type and the hair style you’re choosing to wear, you may want to start the day with clean hair, especially when you’ll be outside all day.

Use Waterproof Makeup to Combat Sweat and Tears

A bride at her outdoor wedding dabbing at some tears with a tissue.

Makeup that is made to be waterproof ensures that it won’t melt off your face, even in the hottest temperatures. In the case of eye makeup, it will prevent against streaking when a few tears fall during your marriage vows or the father-daughter dance.

Use a Hairspray with Reliable Hold

Hairspray will be the best friend of a bride having an outdoor wedding. Use a hairspray that you like and that you know works for your hair. Ensure it has a reliable hold without making your hair too stiff and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes, especially if there’s an abundance of wind on your wedding day.

Use these tips for a seamless beauty look on your wedding day, regardless of what the natural elements throw at you.

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