How to Make Your Lipstick Last from the Vows to the Last Dance

A bride applying lipstick with her bridesmaids before her wedding.

When it comes to wedding makeup, you want it to look as good at the end of your reception as it did at the start. But one thing that can be hard to make last from the ceremony through the rest of the festivities is your lipstick. Lip color can tend to smear and fade, especially as you share kisses, pose for pictures, and enjoy a delicious meal and cocktails. However, there are ways to make your lip look last throughout the entirety of your wedding. Read below to learn how to make that hope a reality on your big day.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

A young woman drinking water to hydrate her lips and skin before her wedding.

How dry or healthy your lips are is largely defined by how hydrated you keep your body. In the days leading up to your wedding, pay extra care to sipping on that H2O to keep your lips smooth and supple. (This will help you feel your best overall, too!)

Test the Product

Odds are that you will want to try out a few lip colors before you commit to one shade for the big day. As you’re sampling products to see how they go with your coloring, also test them for how long they last to ensure that you’re not using one prone to easily fading. You may even want to time how long particular lipsticks last as you’re trying out different options.

Exfoliate Before the Big Day

A woman exfoliating her lips before her wedding.

You can actually prepare your lips for your wedding, as crazy as that may sound! In the days leading up to your event, use a gentle lip scrub to rid the area of dead skin. Dead, dry, and flaky skin on your lips is one of the leading causes of loss of lipstick, so this is an absolute must. Plus, exfoliation makes your lips so kissably soft—perfect for that big ceremony moment. If you don’t want to pay for a store-bought scrub, make your own using equal parts sugar, coconut oil, and honey. Just be gentle in exfoliating as your lips are a sensitive area.

Keep Lips Clean

As you’re getting ready for your big day, ensure that your lips are clean and smooth. Several minutes before you’re ready to apply lipstick, glide on a simple and light lip balm. Let it soak in and then right before applying lipstick, gently pat lips dry.

Prepare Your Lips

The first layer of makeup to hit your lips actually shouldn’t be your lipstick if you want the look to last all night. Instead, put foundation or concealer on your lips first in order to neutralize them. This eliminates oils from your lips that would normally soak up lip color or cause it to move and fade. If you really want to take this step to the next level, dab some translucent powder on your lips before and after the color is applied.

Use Lip Liner

A woman getting lipliner applied as part of her wedding makeup look.

Lip liner can help your look last longer for your wedding day. Makeup artists recommend lining and filling your lips with a pencil first, and then going over that with the lipstick of your choice.

Use Lipsticks with Vitamin E

Lipsticks that have vitamin E in their ingredient list should top your list of choices for your wedding day makeup must-haves. This vitamin is good for both hydrating and softening your lips, aiding in making the look last. Aloe is another ingredient to look out for as it’s soothing and will help you achieve your desired look.

Choose the Right Texture

For a long-lasting look, lipstick that is lightweight is an absolute must. This may mean opting for a liquid lipstick or one that is matte. These looks are very on-trend too, and come in many shades so abiding by this lipstick rule shouldn’t be difficult!

Apply it Right

The more times you apply lipstick, the easier it will come off. For that reason, you’ll want to take care to apply it correctly the first time instead of applying it, having to wipe it off, and then start over. Be precise and get practice ahead of time to avoid this mistake!

Use Finishing Spray

There are a wealth of makeup finishing sprays on the market that make it easier to keep your look fresh for long periods of time. These sprays are perfect for spritzing your lips, in addition to the rest of your face, in order to keep lipstick intact all day and night long.

It can definitely be a worry that your lipstick will end up as a thing of the past before you even make it to your first dance. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy your dream lip look until you leave the reception.

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