How to Treat Your Skin Well When You’re Busy Wedding Planning

A young woman drinking a glass of water.

One of the first places where we cut our routines when life gets crazy is our personal care. Not taking care of yourself may not be as immediately impactful as not getting to that wedding dress appointment on time, but the long-term effects of not taking care of ourselves is huge. In the case of your skin, having a hard few busy or stressful days or weeks, as is often the case with wedding planning, can make it even harder to take care of yourself. When you do take a moment for your skin, however, you often discover that being a busy person is a little easier since you feel so much better about yourself. Here are some ways for you to care for your skin in little moments throughout your day—and walk down the aisle with a glowing complexion!

Carry That Water Bottle!

Most of us wish we drank more water, but it can be difficult to remember to do it in the midst of a busy schedule. The best way to stay on track with drinking enough water is to organize your life in a way that makes it easy: pick a bag for work and home that has a pocket for a particular water bottle you enjoy using. Plan your work breaks around getting to the faucet to refill that water bottle. You may be wondering, “Why bother so much with the hydration?” It turns out our skin is stronger and healthier when it is well hydrated, so just drinking enough water may prevent some of the annoying skin conditions that make us work hard to correct.

Moisturize in Small Moments

A woman applying moisturizer to her arm as she sits on her bed.

If you know you don’t have a lot of time to get your daily moisturizing in, consider buying or making small containers of your favorite lotion or moisturizer and leaving them in spots where you occasionally have a down minute. Maybe place some next to the sink for right after you do dishes, or on your desk for right before or right after a call with a client. You can even put it on the bedside table for a 30-second restful moment as you get ready for sleep. Even if you mostly get your face and hands, a little more moisturizer in your life—especially one that makes your skin feel good—is a great thing.

Store Makeup Remover or Cleansing Wipes in Your Car

Many of us prefer cleansers that require a sink for use. However, there are also great disposable facial cleansing wipes that are easy to use and throw away. If you store a sealed container of these wipes in your car, you can grab one at a stoplight or right before heading into the house once you get home from work or other events. You’ll clear away dead skin cells and add some hydrating vitamins to your skin’s surface.

Combine Girl Time and Skin Time

Three women with face masks on and laughing.

Many of us wish we had time to hang out with our friends more, especially when we are in a season of intense busyness like wedding planning. To take care of your skin and spend time with a friend all at once, try to get someone to schedule a facial with you at a day spa. If that isn’t in the budget, try to combine skin care and friend time with a mask routine at home. Skin care rituals often are things you can do without interrupting the flow of conversation, and most likely your friends will appreciate the chance to focus on their skin as well.

Take Mindful Moments to De-stress

While this isn’t technically a skin care tip, it is wise to think about the few seconds or minutes each day that you can just be present with yourself, trying to shut out the need to constantly review the to-do list. During these minutes, you sometimes can think through whether there is something you can change or improve so that you won’t be quite so busy. If you are in the process of planning a wedding, for instance, there are sometimes ways you can change the wedding plan to free up time to actually enjoy the experiences you are having. While not every season can resolve itself quickly into a more balanced life, the mindfulness moments are often the best thing you can do for getting back to a place where you have time to care for your skin.

Though it’s always good to make sure you take dedicated time for your skin care routine, these strategies can be helpful in those in between wedding planning months. By not letting your skin care routine go away entirely, you can feel better when you actually get through the extremely busy season, and you will still have healthy skin!

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