How to Work with a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

A bride has her makeup applied by a makeup artist

You may be good at applying makeup, but the thought of creating the perfect princess face for your wedding still might scare you. That’s where the pro steps in. Hiring a makeup professional to bring out your best features is a great idea for many brides on their wedding day. To ensure you get the look you love, here are some guidelines for working with your makeup artist.


Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell the artist what you love and hate. If you hate the dramatic lipstick that makes you look like a witch, make sure you pipe up and say something or you’ll be haunted by the photos the rest of your life. Tell him or her the look you’re going for and what “flaws” you really don’t like on your face. They understand not everyone loves the same look. You may want a more natural look or more dramatic eyes; whatever it is, be open with your feelings. Remember, it’s your face, and you’re paying for a service, so it’s worth it to get exactly the look you want.

Practice with the Professional

Your makeup professional will need to practice on your face to find the best colors that work for you. Schedule a makeup trial session as soon as you can. You need to make sure the professional is the right fit for your style and listens to you instead of just using you as a canvas. Practicing will help you both find the best look for your wedding day. The artist can play with colors that make you happy while you figure out exactly the look you really want. Without practice, you might be diving into the deep end on your actual wedding day and be unhappy with the look.

A woman has eyeshadow applied


Makeup artists work with all sorts of people with all sorts of looks. One may love dramatic while the other loves natural. Give them inspiration so they know where to start. Show them pictures from magazines or the Internet of faces you love. Show them photos of you with your everyday makeup, and tell them where you would like to go from there. Do you want a drastic change? Do you want to stay as natural as possible to your everyday look? Show them different images so you both have a starting point.

Don’t Neglect Your Skin

Makeup on sandpaper might look a bit scary. The same goes for makeup on top of dry skin that hasn’t been properly maintained in months or even years. Use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen and wash your face at night in the months leading up to the wedding. If you can, get a facial a week or more before your wedding so your skin is fresh. If possible, try not to wear makeup a few days before your wedding. This keeps the skin fresh without makeup remnants so the primer can go on without hassle.

A makeup artist applies eyeshadow to a to a woman

If you are choosing to work with a makeup artist, it’s important to plan ahead and allow time to find the right professional. The best makeup artists are booked for months in advance, and the schedule fills up quickly during the peak of the wedding season.

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