Little to No Makeup on Your Wedding Day: Is it Crazy?

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The question: is going makeup free on your wedding day crazy? I know a lot of brides would be extremely opposed to the idea of going bare, but could the no makeup look work for some?

Should you consider going makeup free for your big day?

You may or may not have seen the sans makeup trend that’s been going on. Recently Alicia Keys announced she was done with makeup. Some have called it brave, some think it’s crazy, and some think, “So what? Why do we have to wear makeup anyway?” While it’s one thing to go without makeup to the grocery store, it’s another thing entirely to go without for your wedding day. We’ll look at both sides, and who knows, maybe you will decide to go with the trend.

It Isn’t All That Crazy

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There are a lot of reasons why going without makeup on your wedding day is not as insane as some would think. First of all, it’s not like there is a rule that you have to wear makeup. No one is going to arrest you for not wearing it, and if people judge you for choosing to go bare-faced, then they’re not the greatest people anyway. No-makeup is your natural state. It’s how you wake up in the morning (for most people). It’s not that “out there” to want to look like your natural self on your wedding day.

The logistics aren’t that bad either. Photos are a big source of concern here, but they don’t have to be. If you’ve hired a quality photographer, they should be able to make you look your best through poses and awesome lighting.

Don’t forget that you will be embellished in other ways than just makeup. Your dress and accessories could go either way with the no makeup look. You could dress yourself way up to compensate or dress more casually to match your simple look. There are so many options that you could play around with. The best part is you don’t have to put on any makeup to do it, just bring the face you were born with.

Comfort is also a huge pro of going makeup free on your wedding day. I know sometimes I get tired of wearing makeup as it gets drier and drier throughout the day. It can cake and feel heavy and just feel dang uncomfortable at times. Think about if you’re getting married in the summer. What if it’s super hot and you get sweaty and your makeup starts to run. Without makeup, none of this is a concern. You can sweat or cry all you want and your mascara will not run. You will truly have a fresh face.

It Is Kind of Crazy… Maybe

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Some will read the paragraph above and still say emphatically, no. Some people just will not be comfortable with the idea, and there are some things to be said in support of wearing makeup.

It might be that some brides feel more like themselves with makeup on — it’s just a preference of theirs. Some brides have bumpy skin or birthmarks that they’d prefer to cover up. Although going completely natural is a pretty idea in theory, it’s not for you if you think you’d regret it later or it will cause you any discomfort. You don’t want to be feeling insecure on your wedding day or constantly thinking about how you have no makeup on. You want to feel your best and enjoy yourself. If not wearing makeup will bug you even slightly, it’s not worth it.

Also, what about pictures really though? Are you going to drive your photographer crazy later with all the edits you want them to do to your images? If you know already that you won’t like how you look in photos sans makeup no matter what the photographer does, you should just wear it. It’s really all about you and what you’re worried about. If these things are a concern to you, then makeup will be more your thing.

A Little Can Be Natural


There are two ways to follow the more natural trend. You can either go completely makeup free — I’m talking moisturizer and that’s it — or you can apply light makeup. This can be a great compromise. A little can go a long way if you want to look fresh and natural. You could do a BB cream, which will form a light layer that won’t crack and get dry, some mascara, and natural eye shadow tones. I feel the light look is great if you’re not ready to take the plunge and go completely makeup free for your wedding day but you want that light natural look.

There are pros and cons to both wearing and not wearing makeup, but in the end the only thing that matters is how you personally feel about it. The whole point of Alicia’s declaration, and this is where some people get mixed up, is that it’s all about what the woman herself wants to do. Alicia Keys doesn’t want to wear makeup. It doesn’t make her feel good, so she’s not wearing it.

Think through your wedding day and what’s important to you. Imagine how your ideal self would look on your big day. If the image you picture is wearing makeup, then wear it loud and proud. On the other side, there’s no rule that says you have to wear makeup, and this is also true on your wedding day. It’s all about you. You do you.

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