The Prettiest Hairstyles for Every Wedding Dress Neckline

A bride wearing a flower crown and a lace dress hugging her groom in the sunlight.

You’ve said yes to the dress and now you need the look to come together flawlessly. Finding the perfect hairstyle to match the neckline of your dress is the first step, keeping in mind if you want a formal or casual look. No matter what, we can help you find the hairstyle to match.

Strapless Neckline

A bride with long wavy hair and a flower crown wearing a strapless dress and looking at her groom.

The gorgeous strapless look lets you show off your beautiful shoulders and the top of your back and neck. A strapless neckline works with many hairstyles, so if this is your dress, you’re in luck! Most times, a strapless dress is best paired with a hairstyle that is more formal and polished since it gives off a very classic princess vibe. To show off as much skin as possible, wear your hair up with face-framing pieces If you are going for a more casual look, wear your hair down with soft waves that will fall around your shoulders.

Round or Square Neckline

A bride with a bun and a veil underneath it.

A square or rounded neckline shows off a bit of your shoulders and neck. It’s flattering because it frames the face nicely. Keep in mind that with this style, you don’t want to hide any details of the top of the dress. As long as your hair isn’t covering anything along the tops of the neckline or sleeves, wearing your hair down can go well with this style. Of course, you can also wear your hair in an up-do, which will show off the neckline even more.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

A bride wearing a crown and veil and hugging her groom.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder neckline is romantic and feminine, so you don’t want your hair interfering with any parts of the sleeves. Of course, wearing your hair up will keep the focus on the soft silhouette of the décolleté. You can wear your hair down, but the best look for this style is swept to one side of the shoulders. Secure the look with bobby pins and a hair accessory. You can even do a soft braid done to one side with hair extensions to make it thick.


A red-haired woman with a braid wearing a boatneck wedding dress.

A boatneck neckline is classically feminine. It frames the neck, shoulders, and very top of your chest. You don’t want anything to take away from the elegance of this look, so wearing an up-do is best. If you wear your hair down, you risk hiding your shoulders and even making your entire look narrowed. If you don’t want to do a sleek updo, you can also wear your hair in a soft side bun with some face-framing pieces.

One-Shoulder Neckline

A blonde woman wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with her groom in the background.

The sexy one-shoulder look is a statement that works best with an updo because it keeps the focus on your exposed shoulder. If you leave your hair flowing over your shoulders, you miss out on one of the best parts of the dress! Draw attention to the design of the neckline with an up-do that wraps around the back of your head to the side without the shoulder strap. Your first instinct may be to create an updo that’s centered on the head, but the asymmetry of the strap on one side and the majority of your hair on the other will balance itself out and create interest from all sides.

High Neckline

A bride with her hair pulled back sleekly and a high necked lace wedding dress.

A high neckline is best paired with an updo. If you wear your hair down, you risk losing sight of the details in the neckline and covering yourself up too much. (However, if you want a conservative look perhaps this will suit you.) The best thing about a high neckline is that a variety of updos can work, either low at the nape of the neck or on the crown. Consider a sleek ballerina bun if you want to stay classic, or go with a high ponytail for a more modern or playful look.


A bride with a deep v-neckline on her wedding dress and large earrings.

That sexy v-neck dress is meant to show off your cleavage and glowing skin. This is a very versatile neckline to pair with hairstyles. A half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect here since you get the best of both worlds, with hair pulled away from your face but still falling softly down your back. A twisting updo is another great choice because it pulls the hair away from the face and neck, allowing your deep neckline to shine. This is a very feminine style of dress, so you can either keep the theme with an overall soft hair look, or contrast it with something sleek and formal. Either way works!
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