What to Know When Styling Your Hair with a Wedding Veil

A bride wearing a long wedding veil with her hair in a low updo.

With so many components that go into a bridal look, it can be tough to wrap your mind around all the details to think through leading up to your wedding. One of those details that you’ve undoubtedly thought of is how you’ll want to wear your hair. Another detail you probably selected is what veil you’ll wear, if any at all. However, you may not have thought of these items in conjunction with one another. To help you through that, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know when it comes to styling your hair to perfectly pair with your veil.

Choose a Hairstyle First

Unless you have your heart set on a very particular veil, it’s easier to first choose what you want your wedding hair to look like and then choose a veil after that. Especially since you likely won’t wear your veil for the entirety of your wedding day, your hairstyle should be the priority. After that decision is made, it’s easier to choose what veil will work best with the look as well as your wedding dress.

Leaving Your Hair Down

A bride wearing her hair down with a long veil over it.

Some people think that you can’t leave your hair down and wear a veil stylishly, but nothing could be further from the truth! Leaving your hair down and straight, curled, or wavy creates a simple and classic look that pairs nicely with a tulle or mantilla veil. For a hairstyle along this vein, choose something light and position it at the crown of your head. It’s particularly popular to leave your hair completely down if you have an embellished veil that includes embroidery of any kind.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Many brides opt to wear their hair half-up, half-down for their big day. Not only does this style compliment many hair lengths and face shapes, but it’s a great way to keep hair out of a bride’s face without it being completely up. This hairstyle is also great when it comes to wearing a veil because it gives you the perfect foundation for resting your headpiece and securing it. This style pairs wonderfully with long and elegant veils, although it’s so versatile that virtually any veil style will go well with it. Even birdcage veils complement this hairstyle perfectly, really giving any bride a range of options when it come to this bridal adornment.

A High Updo

A bride wearing her hair in a high bun with a long veil attached underneath it.

A high updo may be an intimidating choice for pairing with a veil for some brides. However, those who wish to go with a high bun shouldn’t be dissuaded from doing so in thinking it won’t work with a veil. These looks pair well with cascading veils and classic tulle selections. Alternatively, sheer drop veils work well with high buns. In these cases, the veil is most commonly worn below the updo. Another option is to position the veil’s comb above the bun, allowing fabric to drape over the hairdo. This gives a romantic look that ramps up the “wow” factor for a dramatic look.

A Low Updo

On the other hand, low updos are another popular bridal hairstyle choice. Whether these are loose and “messier” or more tightly in place, the style can easily work with an array of bridal veils. Veils of virtually all lengths work for this look and you can opt to wear a blusher or not. This style works best with a veil that is secured into the top of your updo, although another feasible option is to wear the veil at the crown of your head. A useful idea with low updos is to add bridal pins to either side of your veil. Another alternative is to add a comb just above your veil so that it overlaps, really bringing the look to the next level.

Short Hair

A bride sitting in a car and wearing a birdcage veil with her short hair.

Brides with short hair may stress over how to style their hair in conjunction with wearing a veil. Many short-haired brides opt to wear their hair down, whether it be straight or curled, and pair that style with a chic birdcage veil. These can even be attached to a silk-wrapped headband in order to make wearing it a cinch.

Side Swept

Side swept hairstyles have been quite popular with brides in recent years. These asymmetrical looks are complemented by many different veils. Consider one that’s tulle, ranging from fingertip to chapel length. Either with or without a blusher, your veil should be placed at the crown of your head to pair with a side swept hairstyle. This provides your face with a perfect frame without weighing you down.

Finding the perfect veil to complement the hairstyle of your choice is easier than you would expect as long as you follow this guide. Find your perfect bridal style for this accessory and you’ll be one step closer to your dream look for your big day.

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