12 Trendy Workouts to Whip You Into Shape Before Your Wedding

A group of women working out in a pole dancing class in preparation for a wedding.

We all know the classic ways to exercise (running endless laps around a track, anyone?), but when it comes to your wedding, you don’t want to play around. If you’re looking to spice up your workout routine to get the wedding body of your dreams, read below for some exciting workout ideas. You can get toned for your wedding and have fun while you do it!

1. Pole Dance Fitness

No longer just for stripping, pole dancing has become the hottest new workout with classes popping up everywhere. If you’re sick of the same old gym routine, this workout will not disappoint. Your instructor will show you the basics, but don’t expect to master this art right away. This workout is seriously tough, but rewarding and fun if you keep at it!

2. Bikram Hot Yoga

If you’ve never done a hot yoga class before, beware. A bikram hot yoga class is not for the faint of heart. The temperature can be intense, but if you’re looking to heat up your pre-wedding workout, this is a great way to do just that.

3. Aerial Yoga

A group of women in an aerial yoga class getting fit before a wedding.

Looking to get toned for your big day? Why not build muscle aloft. Aerial yoga is spent suspended in fabric while an instructor assists students and guides them into different challenging positions.

4. Hip Hop Classes

You may have taken a ballet or jazz dance class, but hip hop is in a class of its own. The moves are based on a concept called “isolation,” where small controlled motions take the forefront. Harder than it seems, this type of dance class will have you dancing to current hip hop hits and feeling more confident.

5. Free Weights

If you’re not big into working out publicly, this is a great solution. Working with free weights or dumbbells is perfect if you’re looking to tone your arms fast. Easy and quick, small weight routines can be found almost everywhere online in videos or on good ol’ Pinterest. Give them a try and sigh at pictures of Michelle Obama as you aspire to attain her famous arms.

6. Spinning Class

A group of people at a spin class in a gym.

You’ve no doubt seen pictures of your trendy friends or celebrities at their cycle classes. It’s your turn to try! Grab your cutest workout legging and have fun toning those legs.

7. Youtube Dancing

Another at-home idea is to try learning some choreography on YouTube. There are so many dance tutorials out there to your favorite songs. Bonus: this type of cardio will get you ready to kill it on your wedding dance floor.

8. HIIT Workout Sets

HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training,” and works with the body’s natural responses to gain maximum results. HIIT is more like sprinting in short bursts rather than jogging five miles. You can find free HITT workouts online, or hire a trainer for it if you want to work with a professional. This type of workout is great if you’re under a time crunch, as it promises to deliver fast results.

9. Squat Challenge

A young woman doing a squat exercise on a nature path.

If you’re looking for something small you can do every day, look no further. Workout challenges have been appearing out of nowhere with thousands taking part. If you have a form-fitting wedding dress, you may want to start a squat challenge ASAP.

10. Push-Up Challenge

If your arms are a problem area, the push up challenge may be more your style. Not only will your arms reap the benefits on your wedding day, but you’ll feel stronger, too.

11. Kickboxing

Kickboxing has been around for a bit, but that was mainly with celebrities. Now the trend has reached us common folk. It can’t hurt to get out the wedding planning stress while you’re at it.

12. Bollywood Dancing

Another dance class? Sure, but Bollywood is unique and fun. The dance style is made famous from Indian Bollywood films and is itself a fusion of many dance forms. If you’ve never tried it before, Bollywood dancing could be just the thing you need to motivate your workout.

Hopefully you’ve gained some fabulous ideas for getting fit for your wedding from this list, but it’s important to remember that every body is a wedding body. But if you’re looking for a pre-wedding challenge, however, give these new workouts a try. If you’re nervous to try them, make it a social event with your bridesmaids—any workout class is better with friends. In no time, you and your bridal party will be looking buffer than ever!

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