2020 Wellness Trends to Prep You for Your Wedding

A woman wearing a gray sweater and holding a bowl of oatmeal with fruit.

It seems as though self-care and wellness has been top of mind in recent years, and that’s never been more pertinent than it’s set to be for 2020! With so many wellness trends on the forefront, your participation in them will not only make you feel better overall, but it will help you be in the best place physically and mentally as possible for your wedding. Since wedding planning comes with its share of stress, taking care of yourself should be one of the top priorities during this time. Join the crowd and participate in these top wellness trends to make your engagement the healthiest you’ve ever been.


Going to the doctor when you’re sick can be a real drag, but it doesn’t have to be in 2020. In fact, reporting your symptoms can be as easy as turning on the video chatting feature on your phone or computer. Telehealth allows patients the ability to virtually meet with doctors. These doctors can diagnose your symptoms and then prescribe medicine accordingly to cure what ails you. This is a great health trend to get involved in when it comes to saving time and feeling better quicker so that you can get back to wedding planning.

Home Fitness

A woman practicing yoga at home.

While high tech gyms still have their place in society, in 2020 more people will begin working out from the comfort of their own home. Since workout routines are so accessible now via the internet and sites like YouTube, there is less need to pay to join a gym. Additionally, there has been an uptick in the popularity of at-home workout equipment and software, such as Peloton machines and their virtual class membership. This trend will not only be great for the convenience factor, but the trend could actually help you save money. There’s no better time to pocket a little more green than when you’re paying for a wedding, so definitely consider this wellness trend as you work towards your big day.

Intermittent Fasting

This popular diet trend is gaining momentum in the new year, and with good reason! Intermittent fasting , in which you only eat during designated hours of the day, is said to have positive effects on aging and fights against diseases, helping practitioners to live longer and healthier lives. Commonly referred to as, “IF,” it can protect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It’s also useful in reducing body fat and aiding in weight loss. Finally, IF drives down blood pressure and wards off unwanted inflammation. To feel and look great as your wedding approaches, give IF a try and you’ll undoubtedly love the results.

Wearable Technology

It makes sense that the dawning of a new decade will bring a trend surrounding technology, right? Wearable gadgets that help us to look and feel better are going to be all the rage in 2020. This includes smart watches and anything else that allows tracking nearly every aspect of our lives, from sleep patterns to daily movement. Having the most innovative technology not only makes being healthy easier, but it makes it more fun! Take advantage of technology to track your health and wellness in 2020 and you’ll look and feel as great as ever for your big day.

More Sleep

A woman sitting on her bed and stretching after a restful night of sleep.

The notion of being more well rested is on the rise in 2020! While the National Sleep Foundation cites that 45 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, experts predict a shift in this habit in 2020. According to research conducted by MINDBODY, 28 percent of individuals use apps to aid in better sleep, and this is expected to rise this year. People are beginning to prioritize this important wellness factor more, hence ramping up the hours they spend hitting the sack. As you prepare for your wedding, staying energized and healthy is of the utmost importance. Getting enough sleep aids greatly these things, so there’s no better time than now to prioritize sleeping well.

CBD Consumption

Looking to chill out during your wedding planning process? This health and wellness trend is definitely for you. The consumption of Cannabidiol—more commonly known as CBD—is gaining popularity in the new year. This substance is being used to treat ailments like depression, anxiety, pain, and even acne. This is available in a range of mediums, from gummies to oils and even chocolate bars. Taking CBD regularly will help you to ward of symptoms of anxiety as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Feeling the Chill

Forget saunas in 2020; cold workouts are a new wellness trend that everyone is getting behind. Working out in a cold room is not only more comfortable, but it allows your metabolism to increase more than doing the same thing in a hot room. Cold studios are a rising trend in the wellness world as is cyrotherapy, which helps practitioners burn body fat quickly. This is a great trend to jump on board with if you’re looking to slim down for your wedding day.

Being on trend is always fun, but the added benefit with keeping up with wellness trends in light of your upcoming wedding is that you’ll be healthier and happier, too!

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