7 Ways to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Morning

A laughing bride applying lipstick in her bridal suite with a couple of bridesmaids around her.

The morning of your wedding is probably one you’ve envisioned for a long time, and it’s an exciting one at that! As you get closer to the big day, you can do several things to avoid stress that morning and to start the day off in the most calm and serene way possible. With so much going on around you and so many emotions building in regards to this day, staying stress-free can be hard to do, but rest assured that it’s not impossible as long as you take the right measures ahead of time.

1. Limit the People in Your Bridal Suite

In theory, it may sound great to have as many loved ones as possible around you the morning of the big day. After all, everyone will be ready to celebrate! However, the more people you have around you, the more hectic your bridal suite will end up being. Limit the number of individuals you get ready with as much as you can to keep the amount of chaos to a minimum. This will certainly help to prevent stress and will keep the environment fun and relaxing.

2. Delegate as Much as Possible

It can definitely be hard to relinquish control of things that you’ve so carefully planned surrounding your wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t delegate as much as you can, especially when it comes to the big day. For the morning of your wedding, put others in charge of items such as ensuring catering arrives, being a point person for your glam team, and fielding questions from guests. Delegate even the littlest things to your bridal party or family members, such as who’s in charge of bringing coffee or who is on music duty as you get ready with your bridesmaids. Taking as much off your plate as possible will lift a huge weight off your shoulders when you wake up on the day of your wedding.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Hydrate

A woman wearing a cozy gray sweater and eating a healthy bowl of oatmeal and fruit.

Enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast when you wake up on the day of your wedding can help keep stress to a minimum. If you get overly hungry, it’s easy to become agitated and emotional. Prevent this from being even a remote possibility by eating something filling before you get started for the day. Consume some protein, like eggs or yogurt. Avoid anything too starchy, as it may make you feel tired or look bloated, which you definitely don’t want as you prepare to walk down the aisle. The same rule goes for staying hydrated; don’t skimp on water the morning of your wedding. Have a large glass of it right when you wake up and keep a water bottle on hand the entire day so that you don’t end up dehydrated.

4. Keep Your Schedule Clear

It can be tempting to load the morning of your wedding with appointments. From a wax to a manicure, these small appointments will add up to quite a bit of time. If you do them all on the morning of your wedding, you’ll end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Keep your schedule as clear as possible that morning, leaving yourself time to relax, enjoy, and breathe. Stick with just hair and makeup, if possible.

5. Adopt a Positive Mantra and Mindset

Mind over matter! If you have the right mindset going into your wedding day, you’ll be able to better combat the possibility of stress. A positive attitude and the mantra that the day is going to be fun, relaxing, and perfect will help you to achieve these goals and remain stress-free.

6. Do Something Just for You

A young woman stretching outside on a running path surrounded by trees.

When you wake up the morning of your wedding, chances are there will be a million emotions on your mind. Take a few minutes to do something just for you to commemorate this special day and to clear your mind. Practice meditation, jot down your thoughts in a journal, or go for a run and take time to reflect. Start the day relaxed and keep the trend going for the entirety of the morning.

7. Prepare the Day Before

The day before your wedding, take some time to get organized to avoid scrambling the next day. Pack a bag of everything you’ll need to get ready, and make a list of everything you need to do in the morning. Also be sure to get a good sleep the night before so that you awake refreshed and ready for a fabulous day.

Taking these measures will help ensure a stress-free morning on your wedding day that you’ll remember forever.

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