Amazon Prime Days to Help You Get Fit for Your Wedding

A young man and woman working out at home.

The world of fitness is filled with gadgets, tracking devices, performance apparel, and accessories to make the process easier and more fun. While it’s enticing to add these to your fitness journey, it can definitely get expensive—especially if the cost of these items is paired with the cost of planning a wedding. Thankfully, Amazon Prime Day 2021 (June 20-21) is filled with fitness-related deals that can help you get fit for your big day at a fraction of the price.

Workout Equipment Deals

Workout equipment can be downright expensive. Amazon Prime Day has no shortage of deals on devices that make working out a breeze, though.

First up, save upwards of 25% on a quality stationary bike. The best part about equipment like this is that you can stream popular workout classes, such as those produced by Peloton, on a tablet while using the bike, getting virtually the same experience at a far more reasonable price.

Outfit your work-at-home situation with an under-the-desk treadmill. This option comes at a 20% discount with bluetooth connection and a table to rest your laptop on. Get your steps in while you work!

Upgrade your home gym with a high quality adjustable bench at more than 30% off. While you’re at it, pick up some adjustable weights!

Tracking Devices

Wearable tracking devices have become more popular than ever, especially when related to fitness. Many high ticket fitness tracking devices can be found at lower prices on Prime Day, such as the ever-popular FitBit smart watches. Use these to track your daily step count and activity, hydration, food intake, heart rate, and general wellness.

Other Electronics

Who knew there were so many electronics associated with working out? It’s hard to get a good sweat in without anything to motivate you throughout the workout. Outfit the home gym you created during the pandemic with a wireless bluetooth speaker by reputable electronic brand JBL.

Another electronic that can make a world of difference in a fitness journey is deep tissue massage guns. These have become incredibly popular in the last couple years as they aid with muscle recovery after a tough workout, and they are fun to use.


Quality items in this category can quickly add up, but thanks to Prime Day savings, you can stock your closet without breaking the bank.

Under Armour is a trusted brand in activewear that offers great savings as a part of Prime Day. If you’re a yoga lover, there’s no shortage of leggings that are fashionable and functional that you can score for a steal.

It’s never been easier to get fit for your big day thanks to the many deals you can score on health and wellness items on Amazon Prime Day!

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