Helpful Winter Spa Treatments

Woman relaxing at spa with snow in foreground

Old Man Winter is knocking on the door. While fireplaces and hot cocoa are inviting, the winter months wreak havoc on skin, face, and hair. Kick your beauty routine into high gear with these winter spa treatments to hydrate and nourish limbs from head to toe.

Winter Essentials

Temperatures drop, the wind gets chilly, and snow begins to fall. This climate change can strip the natural moisture from the skin, causing it to be dry, itchy, and red.

It’s important to maintain a regular skin regiment, such as applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water. As winter descends, a tweak or addition to your regular spa visits can rejuvenate the mind and body.

Steven Smirnes, longtime beauty expert and owner of Spa on Penn in Kansas City, shared his insight, “The industry has shifted to where people are yearlong spa-goers. Clients realize it’s important to have a daily routine to help maintain your skin, but there should be particular attention to moisturizing and hydrating during the winter season.”

Try these spa services to survive the winter blues.

Woman getting a head massage at spa

Quick Spa Remedies

  1. Deep condition – Before your holiday trim, don’t skip the option for a deep condition. This treatment replenishes lost nutrients and re-hydrates the scalp and hair. As a bonus, the moisture boost can reduce your mane’s static charge.
  2. Embrace the eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is a common oil in spas and resorts. The benefits of this plant are widely known and can be useful during the winter months. “Eucalyptus can be an anti-inflammatory, which can help with winter redness and act as a natural decongestant,” says Smirnes.
  3. Soothing sauna – A relaxing escape from the arctic outdoors, a sauna session is also a quick to way humidify your body. Similar to steam, it’s good for congestion, breaking up or drying out the nasal system. Remember to be mindful of time, 15 to 20 minutes in a sauna is a reasonable period.

Moisture is Key

As winter drags on, add these treatments to help relieve dryness caused by the change of seasons.

  1. Paraffin treatments – A heavy wax treatment that delivers a warming sensation with deep moisturizing benefits for the hands and feet. Paraffin therapy can help relieve arthritis pain, which tends to inflame during the winter. This service is a simple addition to a mani or pedi.
  2. Body wrap – Yes, the cocoon-like, seaweed wrap seen in movies is perfect for the cold weather. Smirnes shared what to expect, “They will exfoliate you either with a dry brush, salt, or sugar scrub. Then, coat you in a moisturizing masque, typically something to re-mineralize the skin, like seaweed. This will add nutrients back and hydration. It’s almost like a greenhouse effect.”
  3. Milk bath – We know milk does the body good. Cure the chills with an ultra-hydrating soak infused with milk, rich in vitamins, and minerals. Natural enzymes will nourish and refresh winter skin.
  4. Pumpkin enzymes – Who says pumpkin, is just for fall? However, Smirnes warns not to be fooled by the pumpkin spice hype. Look for products and treatments with pumpkin enzymes. Like a pumpkin enzyme peel or a pumpkin exfoliating masque. Enzymes help dissolve dead skin and remove excess oil and debris.

Feel the Peel

Peel services increase in popularity during the winter. “Industry-wide, people do more peels in the winter. There is a rise in treatments that involve heavy peeling, such as a course of fruit acid, deep chemical peel, or a focused series of microdermabrasion treatments,” said Smirnes.

  1. Hydration peel – Ideal for dry winter skin, a hydro-peel provides an intense punch of hydration, exfoliation and plump to the skin. Not only will it provide moisture, a course of peels during the winter will erase sun-related impurities from the past summer.
  2. Microdermabrasion treatments – These services gain momentum in the winter. After removing dry and dead skin, it’s recommended to stay out of the sun.
  3. Laser hair treatment – These treatments are better to start during the winter season. It’s essential to stay out of the sun after laser hair removal, and typically it’s easier to accomplish this later in the year.

“With peels and scrubs, people do peels more during the winter time because you’re eliminating dead layers of skin and it’s a lot easier to get sun damage when you’re freshly exfoliated and exposed more to the sun. You do these all year round, but it’s easier in the winter to stay out of the sun.”

These spa services will help you through the brisk days of winter. Hydration and moisture treatments will ease the effects of Old Man Winter and prep your skin for tank tops or skirts when the weather gets warmer.

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