How to Get Over a Cold Fast During Your Wedding Week

A woman with a cold blowing her nose

It’s seven days until “The Big Day”… and you can feel a tickle at the back of your throat. Rather than panic about being ill during your wedding, there are a few practical steps you can take. By preparing yourself on each day before the wedding, you are more likely to recover in time. Colds tend to last only a few days, so by noticing how you feel and listening to your body, you can ensure that you are ready for the excitement of the week without getting overwhelmed by illness.

Day 1

You noticed the tickle, so start up a supplement: Vitamin C, Zinc, or whatever has helped you in the past. It might be a big bowl of vegetable soup, and definitely aim away from alcohol and those beloved junk foods. Healthy foods and a good vitamin will give your body what it needs. More than anything else, begin drinking lots of water and herbal tea, which is both soothing and good for helping you to wash sickness out of your system.

Day 2

Still around? Figure out how to add a nap to your day or an extra hour of sleep. It may mean delegating a task or two to a friend or family member, but you will not regret letting someone else go meet with the florist if it means that you can sleep the cold away. Often, the amount of sleep you get directly impacts how quickly you get over a cold. It can be hard to take time off work (especially if you already have a honeymoon booked for some days), but look into your options for shifting your hours a little for more sleep, taking a nap during lunch, or working remotely so you can sleep during your normal commute time.

A bride in her wedding dress stands with two bridesmaids

Day 3

If it is still persisting, consider taking a sick day from work or a metaphorical sick day from wedding prep: sleep, rest, and generally relax. You can even make your sick day a “craft time,” pulling your seating chart, ribbon, and tulle close to your bed so that between naps you can get a few small things done. This will help you feel accomplished and tire you out a little so you can sleep some more.

Day 4

Continue doing all the activities you’ve done so far, with hydration, healthy food, and rest, but if you haven’t already, look into some really good cold medicine. Everyone reacts differently and has slightly different symptoms, but by testing out which ones help today, you have a better chance at figuring out something that will clear you up for the duration of the ceremony and reception. If you can, check all make-up you are planning to use during rehearsal and the big day; make sure they are waterproof and not likely to run!

Day 5

Find a way to pamper yourself. Even if the cold is persisting a little, a massage or a pedicure is a great way to get in the mood without actually having to run all over town. Once again, get as much sleep as you can! The next few days will be a whirlwind. This is a great time to assign a couple of to-dos to a bridesmaid, sister, or other friend and take time for yourself to convalesce.

Day 6 and 7

These are… the final days. Most likely, your excellent care for yourself has cured you of your cold! You are free to enjoy the wedding, the reception, and all the love and hugs from friends and family.

However, if your cold doesn’t arrive until the day of the rehearsal or the morning of your ceremony, there is still no reason to panic. Most dresses have somewhere a tidy little tissue can fit, you can take a good, strong, anti-drowsy, cold medicine to clear you up at the right time of day. The honeymoon will be a perfect time to eat delicious food and really rest after the many wonderful memories. Many people enjoy their wedding just as much, even if they had a little cough or sneeze here and there – some sneezes even break the tension among your friends and family!

Regardless, know that a cold cannot take away how special your commitment is to each other, and just a few simple tools can make your day spectacular even if you caught what was going around.

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