Keep Your Skin Soft and Beautiful During the Winter Months

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The winter season can be a difficult time for your skin, especially if you’re living in a sunny or dry climate. There is no telling what the weather is going to be like from day to day. One day it can be humid, and the next day cold and wet. The changes in the weather have a great impact on the human skin. The cold weather can dry up your face, while hot weather can cause oily skin to appear. Maintaining a daily skin routine can help you keep your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Acidic Remedy for Radiance

Acidic remedies are a popular way of dealing with skin issues. Lemon juice and lime juice are also great remedies for getting your skin to look healthy. Lemon juice can help brighten your skin and help you get rid of any residue that is stuck in your pores. It is made up of natural nutrients such as Vitamin C and citric acid that can help skin thrive and shine. The lemon or lime juice is also antibacterial, so it will eliminate bacteria that is trying to enter your pores. After squeezing a few lemon or lime drops on your skin, the results can be seen within 24 hours.

Skin Hydration

Another great way to keep healthy and beautiful skin is to maintain bodily hydration. The amount of water your body needs is approximately 64 ounces per day. Staying hydrated not only benefits your skin, but also can improve your overall health. Washing your skin every day is a great way to keep it looking radiant and hydrated. Taking hot baths and showers can sometimes have a damaging effect on your skin, breaking down lipid layers of your skin, which leads to a loss of moisture within the body. You should bathe or shower with lukewarm water to avoid damaging your skin.

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Body Washes and Moisturizers

Another good way to maintain soft and beautiful skin is to use baby shampoo for both your hair and your body. When showering or bathing, using baby shampoo as a body wash can have immediate, positive effects on your skin. Strictly speaking, this product is produced and manufactured for babies who have delicate skin, meaning it won’t cause any harm to adults if used as a body wash. In fact, baby shampoo helped my skin recover from dry patches and oily glands throughout the whole month of December.

To keep your skin beautiful and soft, any type of body lotion is helpful. Moisturizing after every shower and a face wash should be a part of your everyday routine. Moisturizing regularly helps the skin stay hydrated and soft for days to come, whatever the weather outside is doing.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliating body washes are also a fantastic way to maintain radiant skin throughout the wintertime. Body washes, such as St. Ives, help your skin stay soft and hydrated. This body wash is applied with a bath sponge or body scrubber that can be used in either the shower or bath. The body wash opens the pores and cleans the skin of dirt or residue that has accumulated. Exfoliating a few times a week can help build strong and radiant skin.

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Some Home Remedies for Dealing with Acne

The last thing you want to see is acne coming on close to your wedding day! Here are a few home remedies to help deal with acne faster.

First, if you have acne starting up, put saliva on the affected area as soon as you wake up. Sounds strange, but this actually works! The saliva produced in your mouth while you sleep is highly acidic, making it a water-based natural treatment that dries out pimples and acne when they are developing. After a few minutes, the saliva dries up and you can go ahead and wash your face thoroughly with a facial wash of your choice.

Recently, after a pimple outbreak during the holidays, I was told to apply toothpaste to the affected area. Toothpaste can be applied to acne and pimples right before going to bed or when you wake up. The toothpaste helped to rid the acne faster than just letting it disappear on its own. The toothpaste irritates the skin, causing the pimple and acne to peel and disappear more quickly.

In order to keep skin looking soft and beautiful during these tough winter months, you must hydrate, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin. These three simple steps should become a part of your daily skin-care routine. Once you practice your skin-care routine every day for at least a week, the results will be obvious. Maintaining a strong skin routine will help prevent your skin from getting acne or having random pimple outbreaks and other skin irritations right before your big day.

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