Keeping Your Skin Healthy Before Your Winter Wedding

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When you look at wedding pictures, it is easy to assume everything is perfect – from hair to shoes. However, one long-term investment that is easy to miss is keeping one’s skin healthy. Not only does keeping your skin healthy make you look great on your wedding day, it also makes you feel better and more present when you don’t have to deal with oily or dry skin. While make-up is great for hiding blemishes, make-up looks even better on skin that is already healthy, moisturized, and clean.

Start Your Skin Regimen With Healthy Food and Drink

One of the easiest ways to care for your skin is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. Fruits and vegetables, in addition to being very healthy in many other ways, provide many of the nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for healthy, functional skin. Water, on the other hand, prevents you from getting dehydrated, which has a negative impact on your skin. These two things are simple but will do more for you than many other beauty tips can do.

Another perk is that eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water can help improve your sleep patterns and calm your nerves, making wedding planning and preparation better in other respects.

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Cover Your Skin in Wind and Cold Weather

To protect your skin, you also have to think about the weather and dress appropriately. Windburn makes your skin dry, itchy, and painful. Wearing wind-breaking clothing when it’s windy is a must, especially during cold months. I am guilty of forgetting the hat, gloves and scarf at times. Honestly, wearing these items always makes me more comfortable and keeps my skin from getting flaky and dry.

On the other hand, sunburn causes skin to flake off in sheets and can contribute to skin cancer, so wearing plenty of sunscreen is a good idea. If you use facial make-up foundation or concealer, make sure that you choose one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more. Don’t be fooled by the cold weather- you can still get sunburned in the winter if you have prolonged exposure to the sun.

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Choose the Right Skin Products

When it comes to skin products, it can be hard to know what will make your particular skin healthy and happy. It is important to learn about your skin type. According to WebMD, most people have skin types that include: oily, dry, combination, or normal. Knowing your skin type allows you to figure out what your skin’s biggest issue is, whether it is the ability to keep from losing tons of dry skin or getting rid of pimples and blackheads quickly. Different products will add or remove moisture, so you want to make sure to choose a product that doesn’t exacerbate whatever issues your skin is prone to.

The kinds of moisturizers, serums, and lotions that will work best with your complexion will depend on your skin type to some extent. It will also depend on the individual products you try. If you are just starting out, try small or test sizes of a few different moisturizers and cleansers. Even better, visit your favorite beauty and skin care supply store and ask the specialists to recommend a few options after you tell them about your skin.

You may already know what your skin needs and have had a lot of success in keeping your skin healthy in the winter. It may be best to stock up on your favorite products and not change anything right before the wedding happens. If you have chronic winter skin issues, now is the time to turn over a new leaf and find the products that will work for you, while you have time to analyze their effectiveness.

All skin types benefit from being clean and moisturized, but the kind of cleanser or moisturizer that will work for you may not be effective for other people. One way to get an insight into the cleanser or moisturizer you are considering is to look for reviews among beauty bloggers and see what skin types they recommend to use for particular products. You should consider the price you are willing to pay.

Choose to eat and drink in a healthy way. Protect your skin with the right outer gear. Choose nourishing products to keep your skin healthy. Doing these things will ensure that you are ready for the big day and your skin looks like it glows in all the pictures. All those wedding day smiles will be even more beautiful when you are confident in your beautiful skin.

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