Skincare Tips for the Groom

A young man looking in the mirror and applying lotion to his face.

It’s not only women who want to have gorgeous skin on their wedding day—men want to look their best, too! Here’s some skincare know-how to consider for a groom who wants to up his skincare game before the big day.

Know Your Type

Women are constantly told about the importance of knowing their skin type (dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, etc.) and using products specifically meant to cater to that type. Well, guess what? Men have skin types, too, and should absolutely learn what theirs is and what products would work best for them! It’s pretty simple: Is your skin more dry? You have dry skin. More oily? Oily skin. Oily in some spots and dry in others? Combination skin. Does your face hurt after using most over-the-counter skincare products? You might have sensitive skin. None of those? You probably have normal skin. But if you’re not sure or would like someone else’s opinion, it’s a great idea to see a dermatologist so you can be sure you’re getting your skincare regimen off on the right track.

Create a Routine

Once you know what type of skin you have and what products will work best with your skin type, it’s a good idea to create a daily routine. Washing and moisturizing your face both morning and night is a great first step to getting beautiful, healthy skin. The most important part of this, besides using products that are good for your particular skin type, is consistency. It’s important to make taking care of your skin a daily routine. It often takes a little while for skin to adjust to new products, so give your skin a little time and consistency before you decide a certain choice isn’t working for you. The basics of any routine include a face wash which you should use morning and night, moisturizer, and SPF (see more about that below). Again, check with your dermatologist for specific product and brand recommendations.

Wash After Exercise

A man washing his face in the sink.

In addition to your daily routine, it’s important to remember to wash your face after you exercise, especially if you’re exercising midday and it will be hours before you do your evening skincare routine. It may seem like a simple thing, but it’s very easy to forget to bring your products to the gym and use bar soap or body wash on your face instead or, even worse, not wash your face at all and leave it sweaty all day! It’s a good idea to put travel-sized containers of your regular routine products in your gym bag, so you know they’ll always be there when you need them.

Protect Yourself from the Sun!

A pair of hands squeezing a bottle of sunscreen against a sunny sky.

This is one that everyone knows they should do, but many many people just don’t. Be sure to use products with SPF during the day to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Even in climates or seasons of cold, the sun can still harm your skin, so it’s important to start including a product with SPF as an essential part of your daily routine. In fact, if you have to choose one most important step, this is it! The reality is that your skin can be majorly harmed from too much sun exposure, and not protecting it can lead to skin cancer. And if that’s not enough to convince you, too much sun exposure can also weather your skin and make you look older, so there are reasons on all ends of the spectrum to protect yourself! Start using SPF daily, no matter what.

Don’t Make any Changes Right Before the Wedding

This may sound counter to the rest of the advice in this article, but if your wedding is just a few weeks away, you should probably avoid making major changes in your skincare routine. When you begin a new regimen, it often takes your skin a little while to get adjusted to the new products and routine, which can make your skin extra dry, oily, or cause breakouts to happen. It’s the exact same reason most people don’t recommend that women get a facial on the day before the wedding; if their skin reacts to the change in a negative way, that would not be ideal! Although having a solid skincare routine is extremely important for men and women, if you’re feeling like it’s too close to the big day to start something new, prepare yourself to begin right after the wedding. Your skin is too important not to take care of it!

Nowadays, there are loads of products and resources available for men who want to keep their skin fresh and looking good for their wedding (and beyond). Use the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to great skin!

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