Spa Treatments to Help the Bride Relax Before the Big Day

A woman rests in a luxury spa with candles in the background

Wedding stress can weigh you down, causing pain in your muscles and a worried look on your face. Every bride deserves a break from the stress of planning to enjoy a few spa treatments. Spa treatments revitalize your muscles and skin, leaving you with a happy glow and rejuvenated spirit to tackle the next wedding planning obstacle. We have some of the top spa treatments for brides.

A woman gets a back massage on a table


You might not even realize you have tense muscles as they hinder your movement. Knots begin to form in muscles, causing extra pain as you stress even more. A massage is the perfect way to aid your tense muscles. A massage not only helps alleviate knots, but calms you as it eases your stress levels. A great massage helps with your circulation and rids the body of toxins. Your skin will be refreshed as blood more easily circulates, leaving you with a beautiful glow. You can even ask the masseuse to use some essential oils to boost your relaxation levels as they rid of your stress buildup in muscles. You’ll leave feeling fresh and alive.


A facial leaves your face glowing and your skin feeling extravagant. Facials exfoliate skin to rid the dead layers of skin you didn’t even know you had, boost circulation, pump hydration back into your skin for that extra glow, and cleanse the skin for a fresh look. A good facial also includes a mini-massage, as the specialist works with the muscles in your face to alleviate your stress even more. Don’t worry, they’ll work with your skin type even if you have dry or oily skin. They’ll use different products that work with your skin type, so it won’t be sensitive to the products. You’ll be amazed at what a facial can do to your face. Your bright smile will be enough to show off your new glow of confidence.

A woman gets a facial spa treatment


Give your hands and feet a rest with a manicure and pedicure. It’s not only about getting your polish looking on point, but also a mani/pedi gives you so much more. The technician will exfoliate your hands, arms, legs, and feet with special products that leave your skin feeling baby-soft. They cut and shape your cuticles and nails for health and a gorgeous look. Usually you get to sit back in a massage chair, closing your eyes as you are pampered. The lovely “cheese grater” takes away your rough skin from your feet as well as any calluses that might look scary in your beautiful wedding shoes. Feet have many nerve endings for the entire body, so a foot massage can refresh many parts of your body that you didn’t even realize were stressed.

Eyebrow Shaping

It might not sound relaxing to get your brows shaped when you think about tweezers and wax, but there’s much more to it than that. Brow shaping will often leave you with an entire new look to your eyes that you love. Many times the technician gives you a mini-facial massage and put soft gel on the skin around your eyebrows, leaving them feeling amazing. Thin, tiny eyebrows aren’t in this year. It’s all about getting the perfect shape, so you don’t need to worry much about a lot of painful wax. Your clean, new look of brows will help your spirits rise as you look in the mirror.

A woman gets an eyebrow waxing

Hair Blowout

A hair blowout isn’t just about the hair dryer. You start first by getting your hair professionally washed to feel like a total queen. The stylists even give you a scalp massage along with using the best shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments customized for your hair. A hair blowout might not be for your big day, but it’ll be relaxing and give you a confidence boost. You can get a straight or wavy blowout, and they go to town making you look like royalty. The stylists put in specific products to work with your hair type as well. You can just sit back and look pretty enjoying being the model as they work on your hair.

Body Treatment

A body treatment is something you do can at home, but it is much more relaxing with a professional because you don’t have to lift a finger. Body treatments like skin exfoliation help your entire body feel refreshed and let go of stress. Exfoliating rids you of dead skin cells that just sit on the surface. A salt or sugar scrub is soft and smells great. A body wrap is another body treatment that gives your entire body a boost as it hydrates skin. It also gets rid of toxins with clay or mud at most spas. The specialists don’t stop there, as they usually wrap your entire body in warm towels and give you a head massage. All of this is topped off with a relaxing lotion application.

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