Top 5 Wellness Activities to Help Prevent Wedding Jitters

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As the wedding date gets closer, it is easy to let yourself think about too many potential scenarios. While most wedding days go off without a problem, brides and grooms often overthink and worry about the details of their special events.

Not only is it a good idea to avoid these wedding jitters, which don’t help anyone, but also there are activities that will make you healthier and happier while keeping those jitters at bay. By focusing on the positive activities you are doing now, you are also mentally preparing for the big day by cutting down on stress. Consider these wellness activities to make sure you are the in strongest mental state for a big week of family interaction and commitments.

Carry a Water Bottle with You

It may seem silly, but being hydrated can solve so many other problems—frequent headaches, skin issues, and poor digestion are all remedied by adequate water in your diet. Feeling your best when you have meetings, talk on the phone with relatives, and make a lot of decisions is the key. Having the water you need with you will make keeping hydrated almost an unconscious effort. It also saves you the pain of finding water fountains or purchasing bottled water while running those endless wedding-related errands.

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Go on a Long Walk with a Friend

Even if you are a person who prefers a really hard-core workout at the gym, a simple and gentle walk with someone you care about can be rejuvenating. The movement of going for a walk is good for your muscles and for getting your brain to feel alert. At the same time, taking time to talk to and really listen to a friend can be so healthy. Hearing about someone else’s life, rather than just thinking about the wedding constantly, is a great way to make sure that you see any wedding challenges with a healthy perspective. If you have been experiencing any tough spots, having a friend to talk to will also help you work out whatever the current choice before you might be.

Cook and Eat a Healthy Meal at Home

It’s quite tempting to use all available free time to eat what you want, or else to order super-healthy take-out to make sure you don’t change sizes before your big day. One good way to rejuvenate is to take a night off of any kind of diet regimen and make yourself something comforting and delicious at home. Yes, it is good for it to be full of nutrition, but the feeling of making food with your own hands can remind you of how capable you are even when things are quite difficult.

Cooking healthy foods yourself also allows you to remember the freedom there is within the range of nutritious foods. While certainly some things are probably not going to be great choices, there are so many different ways to nourish your body! It’s empowering to explore new recipes and cuisines.

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Go Take in a Show

Wherever you live, look up local comedy clubs or community theater groups. For relatively little money, you can often see local talent and spend a whole evening immersed in a beautiful story or laughing till you cry. These experiences are such a good distraction from thinking about weddings and marriage all the time, and you’ll feel drawn to laughter-inducing experiences again and again after you try a comedy show. Laughter is so healing and can be helpful in warding off negative feelings and thoughts. Your perspective will stay calm and light as you continue the wedding preparations if you are getting in plenty of laughs.

Get a Massage

One great way to take care of yourself is to spend a day at the spa. While not everyone can do this immediately or often, it is such a wise thing to budget in for a week or two before the big day. By choosing to spend a little money on whatever spa treatment or massage suits you best, you are preparing yourself to feel relaxed, calm, and happy for the busy and exciting days to come, which is an invaluable state to be in. Think of a massage as a way to tell your body and brain “thank you” for being so alert and ready for planning and participating in such a momentous event.

Regardless of the way that you choose to maintain your wellness and create a sense of calm and positive feelings, these methods are great ways to create the atmosphere you need to cut down on the wedding jitters.

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