Wedding Beauty Hacks for Winter

Woman outside in a warm sweater and hat

The holidays can create a beautiful backdrop for a winter wonderland wedding. Crystal clear lights and glistening snow can orchestrate a perfect day. Sustaining a beauty routine during the winter months can be more difficult though, especially in the middle of planning a wedding.

A drop in temperatures can dry out hair and strip skin of its natural moisture. Here are a few quick tips to stay wedding-ready even in frigid weather.

Woman drinking a bottle of water

Drink Water

A pre-wedding beauty routine should always include staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. During the winter, a body is more prone to dehydration. Be mindful of your daily water intake and continue eating fruit and veggies high in water content.

Hydrating Mist

Slip a small hydrating mist bottle in a bag or purse before heading out the door. The refreshing spray will give a dry face an instant lift. As a bonus, it’s also perfect for a quick hair mist to defuse static.

Cuticle Pen

Dry cuticles can become cracked and painful. An easy fix between manicures is a cuticle pen that brushes on oil to smooth and nourish nail beds. A cuticle pen is also a Kim Kardashian beauty secret, who’s given props to SpaRitual’s cuticle pen.

Laser Treatment

As you prepare for the honeymoon, you may be considering laser hair removal. This process uses highly concentrated energy to terminate hair follicles.

According to spa experts, it’s easier to begin laser sessions in the winter. The treated person is required to stay out of the sun for 4-5 days after the service. Tanning, sunbathing, and increased sun exposure is not recommended.

Hands holding jar of hand salve

Hand Salve

Dry hands will rejoice with a quick application of hand salve. This ointment is typically a cream or balm and therefore more long-lasting than regular lotion. A few over-the-counter favorites are Burt’s Bees Hand Salve and Udderly Smooth Moisturizing Cream.


Protecting your hands, feet, and face from the winter elements is a no-brainer. But now, with an engagement ring, your hands have company. Ring prongs can get caught on the glove lining, thick yarn, or feel uncomfortable. Fleece gloves are a good option, or you may want to consider investing in a quality leather pair that doesn’t put undue pressure on the ring. Also, remember to be mindful as you take gloves off and have your ring sized and regularly checked for loose stones.

Static Release

Static and winter go together like peanut butter and jelly. With no humidity, the dry winter air can increase the electrons stored in the hair. Pulling a sweater over your head or taking off a scarf and hat will create a perfect opportunity for static. Lotion is an easy and quick trick that can help combat static anywhere. Simply rub excess hand lotion through your hair or under clothes. A travel-size Static Guard spray is perfect for a wedding day emergency kit or packed in a honeymoon suitcase.


As the indoor thermostat switches to heat, the moisture in the air evaporates. As a result, skin begins to dehydrate. A humidifier will increase humidity and help restore lost moisture. Sleep next to it for supple morning skin from head to toe. As a bonus, humidifiers can also help clear sinuses and colds.

Woman in the shower

Lukewarm Showers

A steamy, hot shower sounds ideal on a snowy, winter day. However, it’s better to shower with lukewarm water during the winter season. WebMD defines lukewarm as between 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, go one step farther and moisturize the skin immediately after a shower, which will help lock in moisture.


Yes, even though the weather is cold and sun is a rarity, dermatologist still recommend applying sunscreen. Harmful rays are active even in the winter, especially in colder areas where they can reflect off of the white snow.

Lip Cream

There are a variety of services and products to prevent chapped lips and increase natural moisture. Specialized creams and collagen sheets can be found in most spas or beauty stores. These products provide targeted hydration and softening for the lips – an essential for the wedding day! Don’t forgo the sunblock here either. Opt for a daily lip balm with sunscreen.

Many of these simple items can be purchased at any local drug or superstore. Using these quick tips to prep for cold weather can ease some beauty stress as the wedding approaches.

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