Wedding Day: Top Ways to Cut Down on Wedding Anxiety

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The butterflies in your stomach on the days leading up to your wedding may all of a sudden turn into giant bats, making you really nervous on the big day. This is only natural. We experience positive excitement and negative anxiety during most of life’s big moments. Try to take these feelings as a sign that something momentous and wonderful is about to happen, and follow some of these tried-and-true anxiety remedies to make the day pass with only memories of how beautiful and meaningful it was.

Drink Some Tea or Coffee Without Being in a Rush

If you only have a few minutes in the morning, take the time to find a hot beverage that works for you and drink it. A few different positives come from this. If you are a caffeine person, you don’t want to be in withdrawal on a day like your wedding day! Also, the calming herbs in many tea infusions can be helpful to keeping your head level as you move into preparations. Finally, the appetite can sometimes desert a bride or groom on the day of the wedding, and drinking something means you will at least keep from getting dehydrated. It might even help your appetite emerge in time for some breakfast. Not to mention, a few moments to enjoy a beverage and some time to yourself is the best way to let yourself stop and just feel the anticipation. After all, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Spend Prep Time with Friends and Siblings

If possible, put the people you trust most and enjoy the most in the room with you as you start hair, makeup, jewelry, etc. If you have to do set-up at the venue before this, it’s even more helpful to have your best people handy. You can make a few new memories with them, but they can also remind you of the normal fun and happiness that you all have shared. The sharing time can be great for bringing your mood back down from feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

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Put on a Little Morning Music and Dance Around

If you cannot shake those jitters mentally, then literally shake them! Take a few minutes wherever you are to put on silly or peppy music and dance it out with your ladies or gents. Sure, it’s funny to do that when you are already made up or have to keep an eye on your hair. You’d be surprised how much bouncing and dancing and moving can turn your potential energy into spent energy, leaving you calmer and more relaxed afterward. Plus, it makes for some hilarious photos!

Look at Some Photos of You and Your Soon-to-Be Spouse Together

Speaking of photos, reminding yourself of why you are doing all this preparation can be helpful. If you are nervous about getting married or about the big commitment, look at some early pictures from the first few dates with your soon-to-be spouse. Remember the positive things that drew you together and how at home this person makes you feel. The exercise of remembering the feeling of being at home with each other will reduce your stage fright. You’ll be more excited to see his or her smiling face when you get ready to say your vows, and that face will be associated with the calm positive feelings from the photos.

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Write a Little Letter to Yourself About How You Are Feeling and What You Are Thinking

Need a break from all the people? Try to take a few minutes to jot down all your feelings. Not only will those be priceless memories after a blur of a wonderful day, but also it can be good to set any fears or hopes on paper so they don’t just rattle around in your brain as you’re saying your “I do’s.” Once things are out on paper, they seem more manageable, even if you are nervous about a family interaction or an element of the service. Save the paper as a personal memory of an important day and how you took care of yourself as it was happening.

Take a Moment Between Ceremony and Reception to Get Some New Spouse Time

One thing brides and grooms swear by is sneaking away between ceremony and reception—even if you just find a spare room in the chapel or ride separately to the new venue location. Give yourselves a chance to say to each other any special words you have that weren’t part of the official ceremony itself, and to give each other a real, authentic hug or a compliment on each other’s wedding outfit. This person makes you feel comfortable enough to marry them, so it can be a great jitters-lowering moment in your day.

Even as your jitters melt away, these efforts can make for good memories and calming rituals that help you be present and focused rather than sad or scared on your wedding day. This is a positive occasion, even if your brain is in overdrive about it, so a few techniques may help you get the most out of your wedding day.

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