What to Eat and Drink for Glowing Wedding Day Skin

A young Asian woman drinking a glass of green tea next to a window for glowing wedding day skin.

The secret to glowing skin on your wedding day is the food and drink you put in your body. If you’ve ever seen the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the main character wakes up on her wedding day with a huge zit, you know a blemish can threaten your perfect day. Get glowing skin on your wedding by eating and drinking the list we’ve compiled for you.

Drink Water to Flush Out Toxins

A young woman drinking a glass of water for her wedding day skin health.

Water is the basis for the look of your skin. It’s the magical drink when you’re getting ready for your wedding, as well as throughout your wedding day for energy and feeling well. Not only does water help to make your skin flawless, but it flushes out toxins and helps your insides feel great. It also helps metabolize that stubborn stored fat and helps you feel full so you aren’t reaching for snacks throughout the day. The old rule rings true—six to eight glasses of water a day is the perfect amount. If you get tired of the taste of everyday water, try infusing it with fruit or mint for a better taste.

Eat Tomatoes to Fight Wrinkles

Some people love to eat tomatoes like apples, while others think that’s just plain crazy. But tomatoes pack a punch of many vitamins including A, K, B1, B6, C and many more. Those vitamins all make your insides shine, while Lycopene makes your skin shine. Lycopene has anti-aging properties to keep your skin glowing. If you hate the thought of eating plain tomatoes, you can actually apply the juice of tomatoes to your skin to get the effects of Lycopene. You can also get the same nutrients from a rich tomato paste or sauce.

Eat Fish and Nuts to Fight Inflamation

A woman filling a paper bag with nuts at a store as a way to improve the health of her skin for her wedding.

Fill up on fish and nuts to pack in the essential omega-3 fatty acids your body craves. Foods like walnuts and wild salmon are packed with these fatty acids that fight inflammation in the body—which can show up on the skin in the form of acne. These types of foods even work to fight wrinkles, so eating them daily is great for your overall skin appearance. Some brides aren’t too keen on eating fish every day of the week, so many take fish oil supplements to get the same nutrients.

Drink Green Tea to Prevent Acne

Green tea is great for your skin. It actually works to lower the protein dihydrotestosterone, which produces acne. If you drink just three cups a day of green tea, your skin will show results quickly. Green tea is also packed with antioxidants, which help you feel healthy all over. It can also contain up to 45 mg of caffeine a cup, so you can drink it instead of your coffee in the morning!

Enjoy a Glass of Wine for Antioxidants

A group of friends toasting with wine over a dinner outside.

It’s not a typo—wine is actually a great thing to drink for your skin as your prepare for your wedding. Red wine is full of antioxidants called polyphenols that help fight radicals that damage the skin. But consuming wine may actually be too good to be true if you take it another level. Keep it to one glass a day, or you’ll actually be losing water in the process and dehydrating the skin. If you drink red wine in moderation, your skin as well as your heart and bone health, are ready to glow.

Eat Lots of Fruit for Hydration and Vitamin C

Fruit is not only high in vitamins to keep you healthy on the inside, but it’s high in the good stuff to keep you glowing on the outside. Fruits like berries and oranges hydrate your skin and are packed with vitamin C that helps in the production of collagen to fight off wrinkles. Fruit is also packed with those rich antioxidants that fight blemishes. The recommended dose of fruit is about two to five pieces a day. This helps skin cells stay hydrated and fight away blemishes.

Eat Kale to Repair Skin Damage

A young woman eating a kale salad outside in preparation for healthy wedding day skin.

Kale seems like the superfood of the decade. It’s great for so many reasons. It’s loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, which repair tissues in the skin, giving it a fresher look that seems to glow. If you hate the thought of a kale salad, throw a little in a smoothie or hide it in pasta. It’s also popular in the form of chips—instead of indulging in the greasy ones that put a damper on your skin.

A Final Note: Stay Away from Sugar

Wedding planning stress might lead you right to the candy aisle. Sweets like soda and candy certainly look good, but can hurt your skin. Refined sugar triggers glycation, which breaks down the collagen fibers in your skin, making it look gritty and wrinkly. Your skin can actually begin to age prematurely if you eat too much sugar! If you have a sugar craving, try about an ounce of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate made with 70 percent or more cocoa contains antioxidants that may actually keep wrinkles away and improve collagen.

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