What Workouts Are Best for Your Wedding Day Body?

A woman sitting on the floor of a gym next to a dumbbell and water bottle.

Everyone has a vision of what they will look like on their wedding day. For some, it might mean a leaner physique. Others might envision something more curvy and toned. Some might even want to achieve a calmer state of being. No matter what you’re envisioning your wedding day body to look like, there are a number of exercises to achieve just what you’re looking for. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Below we provided examples of the best workouts to help you get that perfect wedding day body that will best suit you.

You Want to Lose Weight

If you’re looking to shed some weight, you should be implementing a healthy diet alongside a regular exercise routine. That being said, a workout that combines both fat-burning cardio with resistance training is best for you. You want to ensure your workouts are efficient and make the most out of every move, which is why committing to a body weight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session two to three times a week, combined with regular weight training will probably work best for you. HIIT training burns a lot of calories not only due to the high intensity exercises involved, but also because it continues to burn calories post-workout. Weight training is effective for the same reasons, plus it will help boost your strength and increase muscle.

You Want to Tone Up

Women at a pilates class with an instructor.

If you’re looking to add some curves to your body, whether it’s boosting your booty or carving out your shoulder muscles, then you should be looking to include resistance training as well as toning exercises, like Barre, to your workout routine. Weight training increases your strength while also changing your body composition, which means you’re increasing muscle and decreasing your body fat. Barre class, which incorporates Pilates and ballet with strength training and some cardio, helps tone your body from head to toe without adding a lot of bulk. It also helps improve flexibility and posture—and will definitely give you that full peach. Ideally, you should aim to include two to three days of weight training and/or barre to your weekly workout schedule.

You Want Abs of Steel

It’s important to note that abs are made in the kitchen—meaning, you need to burn more calories than you’re consuming to see those abs of steel. Which is why your best bet is to stick to a clean diet while including at least two to three days of cardio in your workout schedule. Also, to really see a strong and enviable stomach, you want to skip the crunches and focus on strengthening your core. The best core exercises are the ones that work your entire torso, which include the plank, dead bug, and hanging knee raise. Need motivation? Hit a Pilates class once or twice a week. The variety of Pilates exercises help stabilize and strengthen your core muscles, while also improving your flexibility and giving you some nice, long, lean muscles.

You Want a Perkier Peach

A woman squatting with a barbell at the gym.

Looking to boost your booty to add some curves to your dress? Besides attending a barre class or adding major weight to your squats and deadlifts in the gym, you can include a variety of glute exercises to your workout routine, including glute bridges, jump squats, hip thrusts, walking lunges, donkey kicks, good mornings, curtsy lunges, side leg-lifts, and squats with a lateral raise, which all target different parts of the glute muscle. Ideally, you should include specific glute exercises two to three days to your workout routine, but not more than that. You don’t want to overextend the muscle, which will do more harm than good.

Remember: it’s not only about looking good, but feeling good too. Be honest about who you are and what your likes and dislikes are. If you don’t like running, then don’t run. If you find peace through HIIT over yoga, then honor that. The best thing you can do for your health and your body is sticking to a workout routine that feels true to you.

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