10 Fabulous Things Bees Recommend When Honeymooning in Aruba

From pristine beaches & rollicking jeep tours to delicious dining & fun local drinks, it’s no wonder hive members love honeymooning in Aruba. Here are 10 ideas straight from the bees for how to have the best honeymoon ever on “one happy island.”


1.Take a guided tour through Arikok National Park.

Weddingbee hive member michiru4ever honeymooned in Aruba and loved the De Palm Natural Pool Tour. She says:

You ride in a Land Rover up to the Arikok National Park and visit the Natural Pool first, then the Natural Bridge, Old Gold Mine, the Alto Vista Chapel, and the Lighthouse. You will get super dirty (like nomad-trekking-in-the-desert-for-a-month dirty) and your hair will be a snarled mess, but it is so much fun!


2. Sample the delicious, unique local drinks.

Hive member Lindso and her SO drank it all on their Aruba escape. She says:

Definitely try Aruba’s local beer called Balashi, and the Aruba Ariba cocktail…love love love!

3. Chat with the locals.

Lindso says:

To say the locals are friendly is an understatement…our Southern hospitality here has nothing on them! We made several local friends, and one even gave us her contact info and asked us to keep in touch…said next time we visit we can stay at her place, and to bring our kids so they can play with her kids.

4. Try ALL the restaurants.

Weddingbee member emsy3110 and her spouse stayed at the Bucuti & Tara resort in Aruba and loved their culinary adventure. Her tips:

Near Bucuti, there are a few restaurants, including a yummy pizza place right in front of the resort. The French steakhouse at the resort next door, Manchebo Bay, is pretty good. If you like ribs, you will LOVE Smokey Joe’s in the high rise area.


5. Dive in and go snorkeling.

Hive member MRSD1460 had a blast on her snorkeling adventure. She says:

Check out Aruba Bob for snorkeling! He’s the best! And there’s this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where the locals eat near there…it’s amazing! You eat right in the dock over the water!


6. Explore off the beaten path in Aruba.

At only 19 miles long and easy to navigate, Aruba is perfect for exploring with fun day trips. Weddingbee member elfy19 says:

We had one of our favorite vacations in Aruba. We stayed away from the resorts—it’s really worth renting a car and seeing some of the awesome beaches on the south side of the island like Baby Beach and Boca Grande.


7. Take in the breathtaking natural geography.

Beyond its pristine white beaches, Aruba also has stunning rock formations, dramatic cliffs, and hidden coves. Hive member Isabelle663 says:

When I was in Aruba we did an island tour and saw the rock formations, natural bridge, and lighthouse (which had great views), and went swimming. It was all really cool! The water there is so nice because it’s so far south.

8. Join the Jolly Pirates!

Weddingbee member DAP103 hoisted sail and had a ton of fun on the Jolly Pirates tour. She says:

Jolly Pirates—snorkeling and jumping off rope swings from a pirate ship—was THE best, and let me tell you, I’m not a spring chicken. I’m in my 50s, and I was like a kid at Christmas swinging off that damn rope. I’d go back and do it 20 more times if I could.


9. Relax on the world-famous, beautiful beaches.

Weddingbee member glitternails and her spouse didn’t venture too far from their resort—and they have no regrets. She says:

All of the beaches in Aruba are pristine—crystalline water and sand like white flour. We hardly left our resort as we were so content to spend our days relaxing under our palapa on the beach with frozen cocktails (soo many yummy options!), swimming in the sea and in the pools, eating, relaxing, watching the sunsets…and repeat. It was heavenly.

10. Soak in the ridiculously stunning views.

Mrs. Airplane and her husband had a picture-perfect backdrop for their Aruba honeymoon. She says:

One of the most memorable moments of our trip was our arrival at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts. The bellman, JP, brought us up to our room and, before opening the door, made me close my eyes. He then had Mr. Plane lead me through the suite, eyes closed, and out onto the balcony. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw:


Are you considering Aruba for your honeymoon or destination wedding? Do you have any Aruba tips to share with the hive? Let us know in the comments!

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