8 Honeymoon Destinations for the City-Loving Couple

A view of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sure, a beach or a secluded cabin may be some people’s idea of a great honeymoon, but what if your tastes tend toward the urban adventures? Many couples have the most fun wandering skyscraper-lined streets, exploring art and cultural landmarks, and eating at the best restaurants. Here are some great options for a big-city destination honeymoon.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

While this city may not sound like a honeymoon destination, believe me that it will keep you entertained and in the lap of luxury! With lots of outdoors options from biking to canoeing on the many small lakes nearby, you can get the best of both a nature-filled vacation and all the perks of a big city. Lavish meals are served at a variety of downtown eateries, outdoor shopping plazas allow you to browse a variety of stores, and great hotels offer impressive multi-story views of the city, perfect for anyone most at home downtown.

2. San Francisco, California

From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the rolling streets, San Francisco is a city-loving couple’s dream city! Not only does it have great weather, impressive views, and a ton to do, but there’s also a burgeoning food scene that you’ll have to taste to believe. As part of the California technology bubble, this city has become quite the destination, so you’ll have your pick of wonderful places to stay.

3. Miami, Florida

A view of Miami beach in Florida with the sunset and palm trees.

Miami has it all: beaches, cultural diversity, and something always going on. You can explore the core of Miami while also getting out to the beach or some of the more iconic neighborhoods, trying the food and experiencing the arts along the way. You’ll still find more than enough luxurious options for lodging, from simple villas to high-rise hotels.

4. New York, New York

If you love the theater and want to taste some of the most impressive fine dining in the world, look no farther than New York City. While a trip to the Big Apple certainly can be lavish, this is one urban destination where you can often plan a very affordable trip. Take advantage of the amazing exploration you can do among the streets and parks: walk The High Line in Manhattan and try a variety of pubs and restaurants in Brooklyn, for instance. You can make an NYC honeymoon into whatever you want it to be.

5. Chicago, Illinois

If you want to steer clear of some of the hotter destinations, the spring and fall months in Chicago are great options (prepare for snow if you head this way in the winter, though!). Chicago has an amazing food and drink scene, with a wide variety of craft breweries that have risen to prominence. Chicago is home to beautiful views of the lake, important museums and historical sites, and all the gorgeous hotels you could possibly want to try. Chicago is also in the middle of the country and an important airport, so getting reasonable flights there may be easier than you think.

6. Charleston, South Carolina

A park in Charleston South Carolina.

Full of Southern charm and beautiful live oak trees, Charleston is a great destination for enjoying the simpler things in life while still getting all the city amenities. The various parks and boulevards make Charleston a great city for walking, and a wide variety of lodging and food options will give you a taste of that excellent Southern hospitality…along with a nice icy mint julep, if you ask nicely.

7. Portland, Oregon

Portland’s many parks and distinctive neighborhoods make it a great option in the Northwest for a city-loving couple. The public transit system makes it easy to get around, though the popularity of biking in Portland may be a great fit for an urban-but-outdoorsy couple, as well. Excellent food and entertainment are available around the city, and there’s always something going on downtown.

8. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Get to know the history and the Southwestern style of Santa Fe in this urban adventure like no other. Architecture offers one lens for getting to know the city, and excellent shopping, museums, and art galleries round out a very wide variety of options for your honeymoon interests. While historic buildings abound, there are plenty of modern options for both dining and lodging throughout the city.

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