8 Reasons to Consider a Honeymoon Cruise

A cruise ship on the ocean.

With so many options, choosing where to go on your honeymoon is a big decision! However, there’s one honeymoon idea that encompasses multiple destinations and is a bit different from the run-of-the-mill vacation: a cruise. Even if you’re not usually one for cruising, there are many different reasons that make a cruise honeymoon one worth considering.

1. You Can Easily Visit Multiple Destinations

Want to visit a multitude of destinations without continuously packing, unpacking, and switching your hotel? A cruise is just the way to do that. With this method of travel, you can easily see many different amazing spots without ever having to change hotels, which is quite amazing.

2. Adventure and Relaxation Are Built-In

While some people like to relax the entirety of their vacation and others only want to adventure, most people fall somewhere in the middle. Cruises fit the bill for easily incorporating both sides of the coin into your honeymoon. For instance, the pools and spas that most ships feature are the perfect way to unwind, especially on days that you’re at sea. As far as adventuring goes, most cruises have things to do such as water sports, exciting shore excursions, and so on. Plus, once you’re at a port of call, you have the freedom to adventure in a new place—or you’re always free to stay on the ship and relax if that’s more your thing.

3. The Travel Is Stress-Free

A newlywed couple on a honeymoon cruise looking at the ocean as the sun sets.

Especially after you’ve just planned and executed a wedding, you may want a vacation that feels stress-free. Cruises are just that! Since you eat most of your meals on the ship and spend a lot of time there, it’s very easy to plan everything through one central location. Most cruise ships are also cash-less, which makes it easy while you’re on the boat. Finally, cruises make going from one destination to the next incredibly simple and carefree for a traveler.

4. It’s More Affordable than Other Vacations

Weddings can be quite expensive, and you may not want to go on a honeymoon that’s going to break the bank. A cruise can be a great option that’s not quite as costly as other vacations while still remaining fun, high-end, and exciting! Cruises also allow you to pay for the cost of your meals upfront since they’re all included.

5. There’s Plenty of (Free) Nightly Entertainment

Instead of having to research your evening entertainment, cruises make it easy to find something fun to do each and every night. There are always interesting shows including plays, comedy shows, interactive shows, and so on. Best of all, they’re complimentary! Plus, you could always go to the casinos that most ships feature.

6. There’s Endless Destination Options

A cruise ship next to an oceanfront lit up at night.

Cruises used to be pretty straightforward as far as where they went back in the day. Now, there are seemingly endless options of where you can visit on these massive ships! From the turquoise waters of Caribbean islands or the snow-capped mountains of Alaska to European countries, you can really go anywhere you please. There are cruises that last many different ranges of nights, too, so you can really customize it to be what’s right for you.

7. You Can Feel Safe in Foreign Cities

Another thing that’s nice about cruises is that they allow you to travel with a company you know and trust. This is especially useful when you’re traveling to a different country where you might not know where to stay and what areas are safe and tourist-friendly. Big name cruise lines are reliable and accountable, so it might make you feel more comfortable using them to visit locations that aren’t as familiar to you.

8. You’re Able to Completely Disconnect

Going on a cruise allows you to do what your honeymoon is intended for: unwind and relax with your new spouse. Since you spend a lot of time on these trips at sea, you won’t have a phone signal and most cruises don’t offer free WiFi, which means you and your spouse will have uninterrupted time to spend together and enjoy each other’s company. What an amazing perk!

Cruises provide a convenient way to travel that make it easy to see the world without much planning or shuffling around from a logistics position. The ideas above make cruises a powerful contender when you’re running through the list of honeymoon options, so they’re definitely something to keep in mind.

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