Don’t Go on Your Honeymoon Without These 5 Things

A bride and groom holding hands and vintage suitcases.

When the huge stress of planning a wedding is over, the last thing you want to do is worry about what to pack for the honeymoon. If your brain is fried, little things may get left behind—meaning you might have to shell out lots of cash for these items if you’re on an all-inclusive honeymoon in a foreign country. Here’s some of the most important things to pack for your honeymoon.

1. Identification

A woman holding a passport and other travel documents on top of a suitcase.

Bringing your driver license and passport on your honeymoon may seem like a no-brainer, but it isn’t always the case. I was on a basic trip across a few states and somehow left my license on the plane or threw it away—who knows! The airlines sure don’t make it easy to fly without identification. I was only flying from state to state, but think about if I was stuck in another country without my passport. Try to carry as much back-up identification as possible. They asked for a credit card with my photo on it or anything to prove with photo and name that I was myself. After lengthy questioning, the authorities finally let me on the plane with a gym card after they called for verification. It’s also easy to leave identification at home when you aren’t used to carrying a passport regularly, so make sure to set everything out so there is no way you will forget it in the hustle and bustle.

2. Medicine

You don’t need to pack your whole medicine cabinet, but the basics could come in handy because you may not have access to a grocery store or pharmacy when a headache hits. Odds are you’re going to be enjoying sun sports, staying out late sipping cocktails, and maybe indulging in festive foods. Any and all of this could lead to throwing your body off just a little. Pack some Neosporin, bandages, and Benadryl if you’re prone to allergies. You also never know when a sinus infection could creep up so take an anti-histamine and/or decongestant just in case. A random item you may want to bring is a swimmer’s ear remedy. My husband got water stuck in his ear so badly that the medical unit at the resort had to give him special medication.

3. Sunscreen

A young woman applying sunscreen to her arm.

Not everyone goes to an exotic location full of sunshine, but if you do, this is the number one thing to remember. My husband and I were ready to lounge by the pool and enjoy every ounce of peace in the sunshine. The problem: we forgot the sunscreen. Resorts aren’t too cool about just handing out free sunscreen and a convenience store on an island isn’t too easy to find. We ended up shelling out over $30 for a small bottle of sunscreen. Of course, it’s worth it to protect your skin, but it was a sticker shock to say the least.

4. Back-Up Credit Card

It’s never fun having your card declined when making a purchase—and it can happen even if there’s plenty of money in your account. Maybe you forgot to tell your bank you were traveling and they shut off the card because they thought it was fraudulent. Whatever the reason, take a back-up credit and/or debit card. When this event happened to us, we were on a long road trip from California to Las Vegas in the desert heat. We were thrilled to have some cold drinks on the way home when our card was declined—and it was a good thing we weren’t out of gas.

5. Special Outfits

A young woman wearing a flowy dress and holding a man's hand as they walk by the water.

A honeymoon should be well documented and you want to look as good as possible in all of those photos. Pack one or two really special outfits for when you go on a dinner date or a unique excursion. This is a special trip that (usually) only happens once in your lifetime, so it’s okay to go beyond your basic, everyday clothes. You also need to remember to bring different types of outfits. If you bring all dressy clothes and decide to go on a hike, you’ll be wishing for a tank top and shorts.
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