How to Honeymoon in Your Hometown

Couple walking in the country

A honeymoon provides the perfect time to get away without a worry in the world as you start your new life together. However, it can also be stressful trying to put enough money together after blowing out the wedding budget. You don’t have to go wild and crazy when it comes to honeymoon plans. Whether you live in a big city or a tiny town, you can find great ways to celebrate your marriage without leaving the city limits.

Splurge on a Local Hotel

Expensive hotel

Some call staying at a local hotel a staycation, but you can make it an all-out vacation. Be a visitor in your own town by getting away from the house and staying in the nicest hotel around. Get all the bells and whistles so you feel spoiled by your accommodations, like the nicest suite with all the upgrades. Order room service and share a bottle of champagne. Take a tour of the hotel and ask about the town secrets so you can learn things you’ve never known while living only a few miles away, and take advantage of the amenities like the sauna, pool and hot tub.

Find Hidden Gems

Every town has secrets that are worth trying to find. Maybe you live next to a natural spring, a beautiful mountain with hiking trails, or a nature preserve full of exotic animals. Do some digging and find out what your area has to offer. You’ll get to experience new things with your new spouse and learn more about your surroundings. You might fall in love with some of the sites and continue to bring your family as it grows.

Dine Out

Most couples get into the habit of going to the same dinner locations over and over. You have your favorites and don’t want to veer too far off course. So instead, make dinner reservations somewhere you never have before and enjoy new cuisine. Create some memories by ordering things you’ve never eaten before and make sure to get dessert. You could actually accidentally fall in love one of these places and return every year for your anniversary.

Browse Local Museums

couple art gallery

Almost all towns have a museum of some sort—even the tiniest towns in New Mexico almost always have a Billy the Kid Museum! It might just be a small town history museum, or in bigger cities you might find a full spectrum. You can go from art to history to trains all in a few hours. Enjoy the day with your new spouse going to different museums and learning new things. Many museums have interactive exhibits so you get to play as you learn. If you’re both into art, roam around the art museums talking about what each painting means to you. There’s a romantic feel to stepping back into history or into someone else’s mind to experience the world together.

Try the City Nightlife

Get to really know your area’s nightlife. One of the most fun things to do on a honeymoon is get dressed up and go out for the night wherever you are. Go dancing at a local club and just have fun. Get dolled up and go to a few different places in town listening to live music or slow dancing on the tiny dance floor. You’d be amazed at how many places have karaoke or live music on many nights even if you live in a small town. If you aren’t into dancing, find a local coffeehouse and listen to a poetry reading or just sip coffee while talking under the stars.

Explore New Areas

You might think you know all of the ins and outs of your town, but there’s probably parts you have no idea about. Explore local hiking trails or walk around a park feeding the ducks. Ask others in town about random places they went growing up that sort of got old to them. These things might be old to others, but new to you. Big cities have many tucked away secret areas while small towns often have local fishing holes or beautiful grassy areas that you’ve just never noticed before.

Picnic in the Park

Romantic picnic

Romance can be found right there in the local park. They have so many things to offer. You can slide together down long slides, take a sweet stroll down a rocky path, or picnic under a huge oak tree. Take advantage of nature and spend an entire day there.

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