How to Take Advantage of Hotel Perks on Your Honeymoon

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Every couple dreams about the day they embark on their honeymoon. Whether you’re going to relax on a beach, enjoy a European adventure, or go somewhere totally off the grid, you’ll want to maximize what the vacation has to offer. And since this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you’ll certainly want to receive once-in-a-lifetime benefits while you bask in the glow of your new marriage. There are many amazing benefits to take advantage of at your honeymoon hotel that many people miss out on. This is simply because they know nothing about them! Don’t fall victim to that honeymoon crime. Read about all the perks you should be on the lookout for here.

It Starts When You Book the Hotel

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When you book your hotel as you’re planning the honeymoon, you’ll want to let them know that you’re traveling for this special event. To do this most efficiently, either book your hotel over the phone or call the hotel after you book online and reference your confirmation number. In this conversation, ask the concierge to add a note to your reservation that you’re traveling for your honeymoon. Just informing the hotel of this fact may help you to receive an upgraded room with a better view or more enhanced amenities.

Ask for an Upgrade at Check-In

There’s no harm in flat out asking for an upgrade on your room when you check in at your hotel. After all, the worst that can happen is that they say no! In asking for an upgrade, be sure to go about it in the best possible way. Don’t be demanding and don’t be rude. Remember that the nicer you are, the more likely you are to receive the upgrade you request.

Travel During the Off-Season

The fewer guests present at your honeymoon hotel, the more special treatment you’re likely to receive. For this reason, it’s useful to travel during the off-season for this special event. With less guests on the property, there are more vacant rooms that you could potentially be upgraded to. This is also a good time to receive dining credits as well as upgrades as far as hotel services and excursions go.

Know What Perks You Really Want

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The better idea you have of what upgrades and perks you want to get out of your honeymoon hotel, the easier you’ll be able to express yourself to the staff onsite. Make a note in your reservation of the exact type of room you’d like to be upgraded to or what specific services you’d like to receive at a discount or even complimentary. This does require a bit of research, but it’s definitely worth it if it results in a fabulous perk on your vacation!

Take Advantage of Hotel Loyalty Programs

So many hotel chains nowadays offer loyalty programs. Sign up for the program associated with your honeymoon hotel and you’re bound to receive upgrades that you wouldn’t have access to if you weren’t part of the program. This is also a great way to begin acquiring points that can eventually lead to something like a free night’s stay at the property.

Travel on a Saturday or Sunday

Traveling on days when your honeymoon hotel will have a high turnover rate means that you’ll be more likely to receive an upgrade free of charge. This is because more rooms will be opening up when you check in. Another trick along the same vein is to not check in until 3:00 in the afternoon or later. Even if you’re eligible to receive early check-in, waiting until later in the day gives the concierge a better idea of what rooms are truly available to give up as complimentary upgrades.

Book Services in Advance

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If you’re planning on enjoying excursions through your honeymoon hotel or want to receive some spa services, you’re better off booking these ahead of time. When you make the reservations, be sure to make a note that you’re booking them as part of a honeymoon celebration. This will make it more likely that your honeymoon hotel will give you a complimentary upgrade to enjoy during these services or even knock some money off the price.

You’ll also want to make your dinner reservations ahead of time and note in the reservation that you’re celebrating a special occasion. This could result in a free round of drinks, a complimentary champagne toast, or a free dessert for you and your new spouse to enjoy.

Squeeze the most out of your honeymoon by following these tips to receive perks that you likely can’t score on a regular, run-of-the-mill trip. Although you might feel slightly weird doing it at first, you’ll certainly love it when you get the special attention, upgrades, and benefits that really make all of your honeymoon dreams a reality!

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