Special Requests for Honeymoon Romance

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Honeymoons are all about relaxation, celebration, and of course, romance. Though your marriage will undoubtedly be filled with romantic moments, the honeymoon is the kickstarter—and a chance to be mushy in front of everyone in sight. A perfect honeymoon can be as simple or as extravagant as the two of you want, but there are certain things you can add or ask for that will take your trip to the next level. Here are some tips for sniffing out free upgrades and what you can purchase to make your trip the dreamy, romantic time you’ve always envisioned.

When Booking Anything, Be Sure to Mention You’re a Honeymooner

Champagne and strawberries

If you want a chance at any sort of free upgrade or honeymooner perk, you have to tell the airline or the hotel that you’re going to be on your honeymoon. Though you certainly shouldn’t expect special treatment (particularly during the busiest travel season), there’s nothing wrong with mentioning it just in case you get lucky.

On flights to the honeymoon destination, couples have been known to get upgraded to business class, get free access to the lounge, or get a complimentary glass of champagne so that they can enjoy their travel in style. Arrive to the airport early and mention at check-in that you are on your honeymoon to see if there are any upgrades available on your flight. Also be sure to mention to your flight attendant that you’re on your honeymoon when they come by and serve the drinks to see if you can get a cocktail on or a bottle of wine on the house.

When booking a hotel or an all-inclusive resort, call the reservations desk directly and tell them you’ll be on your honeymoon when you’re staying with them. They may be able to upgrade your room to a suite and may have a bottle of something waiting for you or have rose petals arranged on the bed when you arrive.

The important thing to remember is not to expect special treatment. Flights are often packed and hotels and resorts get busy during the summers when everyone else is vacationing. If you can wait, try to book a honeymoon during the off season so your chances of getting upgraded might increase.

Lounge in the Airport in Style

Traveling can be stressful, and when you’re on your honeymoon every aspect of your trip should be relaxing—including the travel part. Though typically airport lounges are reserved for gold star or frequent flyer customers, you can actually reserve a spot at participating airports through online services. Airport lounges can have everything from leather couches to complimentary cocktails and snacks to showers for when that international flight makes you feel less than fresh. Lounge passes range from about $35 to $50 a person and can only be used for a maximum of three hours at most airports.

Take a Limo from the Airport to the Hotel

Couple in a limo

You might ordinarily take an Uber or a taxi from the airport to save money, but this is your honeymoon so you want to ensure you arrive to the hotel in style. Consider booking a limo or a town car to pick you up from the airport terminal. It’s guaranteed nothing will help you feel fancier than having a chauffeur holding a sign up with your name at baggage claim. Limo or town car service prices can range, but typically they’ll start out at around $80 to $100.

Check Out Cruise Romance Extras

If you’ll be honeymooning via cruise ship, check into the romance packages that they have available. Typically they’ll have a set price for little extras like a bottle of champagne waiting in the room when you arrive, chocolate covered strawberries, a day pass to the ship’s spa, or a private dinner or breakfast for two in a secluded area. Honeymoon or romance packages on cruise ships can vary widely on cost, but typically can be around an extra $250 to $500, depending on the amount of extras involved.

Order Room Service on One Night of the Trip

Couple room service

Though it’s certainly romantic to get getting dressed up and go out to dinner while on your honeymoon, there’s also nothing better than eating dinner in bed together. Plan to order room service one night of your honeymoon and enjoy a quiet evening of staying in together. This is an especially great idea if you’ve just spent a day or so traveling to your hotel and you don’t want to mess with figuring out where to eat dinner. Room service can get a little pricey—especially if you add in a bottle of champagne or wine, so expect to spend around $75 to $100 for your meal.

Schedule a Couples Massage

The couples massage is the ultimate way to relax in an intimate setting on your honeymoon. Many hotels and resorts have dedicated spa areas that you can book, and some may even have in-room massage services that you can purchase. Beach resorts often even have private areas where you can get a massage while also listening to the sounds of the ocean. Couples massages can range in price depending on the hotel or resort, but you can typically expect to spend around $250 or more on this extra.

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