The Pros and Cons of a Delayed Honeymoon

Every couple looks forward to a few things after their wedding day comes and goes. Some are excited to move into a new home together while others are reveling in the idea of just being married. But who could forget the excitement over going on a glorious honeymoon? Whether you’re going to be relaxing or adventuring, taking the time to enjoy each other’s company and experience a fun trip together is enticing. While traditionally couples jet off the day after their wedding, fewer and fewer couples are conforming to this long held ideal. Instead, brides and grooms are opting to take delayed honeymoons weeks or even months after they tie the knot. Learn the pros and cons of doing this below as you plan your own special trip.

Pro: You Won’t Have to Rush

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The week of your wedding is bound to be a busy one, and packing and preparing for your honeymoon is just one more thing you have to get done. While preparing for your honeymoon should be exciting, having to jam it into an already packed time could take away from that happiness. Plus, leaving for your honeymoon the day after your wedding may take away time you could spend with your guests that traveled to be a part of your big day. Delaying your honeymoon to a later time could diminish the need to rush around during an already crazy time.

Con: You’ll Have an Abrupt Return to Reality

If you choose to go on your trip right after your wedding festivities, it’s a great chance to relax and unwind with your new spouse after an undoubtedly crazy time. On the other hand, delaying your honeymoon may mean that you’re headed back to reality—your home, your job, and so on—directly after all of the excitement. This may leave you feeling a bit drained, so it’s something to think about in planning your trip.

Pro: You’ll Have Another Exciting Event to Look Forward To

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A wedding is such an exciting event that you likely looked forward to for a long time! Once it’s over, it can be a bit of a let down. However, saving your honeymoon as something else to look forward to can make your post wedding blues less prevalent. You’ll be able to look forward to traveling with your new spouse as another exciting event, which is (in a way) an extension of your wedding festivities.

Con: It May Become De-Prioritized

If you’re someone planning on waiting until after your wedding to even plan your honeymoon, it may end up de-prioritized and pushed off a really long time—or never even planned at all! One of the great things about honeymooning right after your wedding is that the trip happens and is wrapped up in a nice bow with the rest of your special events, kind of like a packaged deal.

Pro: You Can Squeeze an Extra Trip Out of the Occasion

Just because you choose to delay your honeymoon doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little getaway directly following your wedding. More and more couples are opting to take a “mini-moon” for a couple days after they exchange vows and go on a longer honeymoon at a later date. A mini-moon typically incorporates a closer location and isn’t quite as expensive as a regular honeymoon, making them easy to take right after your wedding day.

Pro: There’s Less Money to Spend all at Once

Weddings are quite costly, and the idea of spending even more money on a big trip directly after your wedding may not seem feasible. Delaying the event by a few months gives you a chance to save up more funds so you’re not stretched too thin financially.

Con: You May Miss Out on the Overall Honeymoon Feeling

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There’s nothing quite like that post-wedding bliss when you’re on a high from all the love and excitement directly after the big day. Going on your honeymoon right after your wedding means that you’ll continue riding the wave of that feeling. If you decide to go on this trip at a later time, it’s not that you won’t have a great time—you might just not have that same just-married glow, and it may end up feeling like more of a regular vacation than a honeymoon.

Pro: You Can Spread out Your PTO

You may need to take PTO leading up to your wedding in order to get everything ready for the big event. Delaying your honeymoon can help you to spread out the use of your paid time off at work so that you’re not using it all at once.

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