Timing Is Everything: Best Honeymoon Destinations by Season

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Your honeymoon is your first big vacation with your new spouse. It’s supposed to amazing, romantic, and to die for, so naturally, you want to pick the best destination! But have you ever considered how the season might turn a vacation from “meh” to “magical”? Your timing can affect everything from cost and weather to special sights you might miss out on otherwise!

We’ve teamed up with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons to create a list of some of the best honeymoon destinations to consider depending on your travel season.



Osaka castle

Every year during spring, the Land of the Rising Sun bursts into color with the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. It’s a world-renowned sight that many photographers have traveled thousands of miles to catch on film, and it’s one that you shouldn’t pass up! Be careful, as blooming season can vary every year due to weather conditions; pay close attention to the projections estimated online prior to your trip for planning. See famous landmarks such as Japan’s Golden Pavilion and Osaka castle, and taste authentic Japanese cuisine while surrounded by the beauty of spring.

These trees provide a gorgeous blooming backdrop even in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo, so don’t pass up a visit! Explore the city’s famous districts, and then plan a detour to explore your surroundings. Just to the east of the city is Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, two parks that offer a unique spin on Disney’s classic appeal. Or head south west and stand in the shadow of the magnificent Mt. Fuji.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Tropical locations are popular for honeymoon destinations, but as spring and summer vacations afford more opportunities for families to travel, tourism and prices increase. So instead of looking at a more traditional vacation package to Hawaii, try Costa Rica! While this country still sees a springtime spike in tourism and cost, it still provides all the natural wonders you’d expect from a tropical getaway with a cheaper price tag than what you will find for a more traditional destination.

In several parts of the world, spring is considered the wettest time of year as seasonal rains bring vegetation back to the landscape. However, in Costa Rica, spring is actually still in the dry season, so you can zipline through lush rainforests, go whitewater rafting, and go snorkeling off of the Gold Coast on an Adventures by Disney vacation without worrying as much about weather.



Like Japan, the natural beauty of spring lends a lot to the City of Lights. Paris has many famous gardens like the Luxembourg Gardens, the Garden of Plants, the Jardin des Tuileries, the Parc Monceau, etc., and all of them are in full bloom this time of year! Enjoy sunlit strolls with your new spouse in one of the most romantic cities in the world surrounded by the amazing fragrance of nature.

Obviously, planning a vacation to Paris means visiting all of the classic tourist locations: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, and the Louvre. If you can’t get enough of Paris’s museums, however, consider a trip in May when they open their doors for the Long Night of Museums. This free event only happens once a year, so don’t miss out.

France and Japan actually have one more thing in common for lovers of Disney: another resort. Disneyland Paris offers another chance for honeymooners to enjoy top-notch customer service in Disney hotels, restaurants, and two theme parks for a magical experience abroad.


Northern Europe

Cornwall, England

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and longer days to visit some cooler vacation spots you may avoid other times of the year. Destinations like Ireland, England, and Scotland are notorious for dreary winters full of rain. However, their milder summers provide a perfect opportunity to see plenty without stifling heat. Enjoy historical castle tours from Europe’s Golden Age, famous landmarks like Edinburgh Castle and the Tower of London, and breathtaking natural sites like Stonehenge and sheer sea cliffs for miles.

And don’t just look; experience! Northern European countries also offer many unique opportunities these that will truly immerse you in the culture and history of your destination. Try your hand at learning archery like the famous English longbow men, and learn the secrets of scone-making and traditional Irish farming.



Iceland has been ramping up tourism lately by offering low rates on flights to and from the country and trust us, it’s well worth the trip! This island nation offers many natural wonders such as dormant volcanos to tour, massive cascading waterfalls, and relaxing natural baths, but a lot of tourists are scared away by the idea of the unpredictable weather and freezing cold Iceland can suffer. Go in summer! Enjoy mild temperatures use those extra-long days to squeeze in everything from glacial walks and boat tours to horseback riding! And with an experienced travel company like Adventures by Disney as your escort, you can see much of what this amazing place has to offer without having to worry about whether your plans will fall through due to unpredictable conditions. Their experienced professionals have seen it all and know exactly what to do.



Iceland isn’t the only place you can enjoy yourself while escaping the heat of summer. In recent years, Alaska has become a destination on everyone’s bucket list. This northern corner of the world boasts three million lakes, huge mountain ranges and volcanic islands, as well as miles and miles of glacier ice. The landscapes are breathtaking and one of a kind, whether you see them from a Disney cruise ship or on land.

Alaska is rich in natural sights, but also culture that you can (and should) explore! You can enjoy a trip to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, salmon baked by local experts, and a visit with the kennel experts behind the world famous Iditarod race with the right travel guide!




Weather-wise, there’s not really a bad season to visit Hawaii; however, most tourists still plan to travel to the islands in the summer. Skip it and wait until fall! Take advantage of the off-season prices and smaller crowds and really enjoy your alone time with your new spouse. Don’t worry; the weather will still be perfect.

Plan your honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort like Disney’s acclaimed Aulani! Meals, excursion offerings, accommodations, it’s all right there in front of you with Disney’s signature guest service to boot. Just book the trip and show up. Then, you can really relax in true Hawaii fashion at one of the resort’s many pools or snorkeling in their private saltwater lagoon.

Walt Disney World


The beginning of November marks the start of a short off-season in Orlando, Florida, but one you should take full advantage for a honeymoon! Not only are crowds smaller, but you can hit the tail end of the amazing Epcot International Food and Wine Festival that lasts through mid-November. Set up a cash registry and let your wedding guests help you wine and dine your way around the world with Disney’s world-class culinary staff.

And, on top of that, you may even be able to jump start your Christmas season early! If you time your vacation carefully, you can catch the first week of Walt Disney World’s Christmas decorations and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, also beginning around early to mid-November.

Worried your vacation may not feel romantic enough? Don’t worry! Disney is well versed in the art of making you feel like one of a kind. For example, a special travel package called the Enchanted Evening Honeymoon Option (only available for a limited time) offers a unique fireworks viewing and dessert party at the Plaza Garden, as well as special themed Magic Bands and luggage tags for the happy couple. Whatever you want to do, the staff at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons will make sure it’s magical.

The Mediterranean


The Mediterranean is another destination that experiences heavy tourism in the summer with college students and families taking advantage of their break from school. The combination of warmth and culture is too tempting for most to ignore, however, there’s nothing lost by enjoying this part of the world during the fall. Like most warm weather locations, the Mediterranean doesn’t lose much steam in September and October, but it does lose tourists. Enjoy wine country or the ruins of ancient civilizations with a little less competition and lower prices! While the locations will still be unforgettable no matter the time of year, they’ll be more enjoyable with a heavier wallet.

There are several options for how you can explore this area of the world while making the most of it. Mediterranean cruises are quite common and a great way to have an expansive trip while keeping within a more modest budget. A 7-night cruise like the option Disney Cruise Line offers docks in many countries, giving you ample opportunity to see a little bit of everything!

Every country along the coast of the Mediterranean has plenty to offer on its own, so feel free to plan a more focused vacation in one area like Italy. Spend your time crawling up and down the coast to places like Sorrento and Florence with Adventures by Disney and never miss a beat.


The Tropics

Bahamas cruise

Winter is one of the best times to consider a vacation in the tropics, no matter where you’re headed. Many popular destinations receive a spike in their tourism during the warmer months, which can make for overcrowded beaches and sites, so avoid all of this and escape the cold during December or January!

That being said, a cruise to the Caribbean is always a worthwhile classic. The warm sea breeze and tropical locations are just too good to pass up. Enjoy a week-long tour of this vibrant piece of the world, experiencing snippets of culture as you dock in places like Jamaica. Not to mention, while all vacations are amazing, they can be tiring if all you do is go! Cruises have built in time to relax and unwind with professional service to ease your stress aboard the ship.

If you are considering a cruise, look no further than what Disney Cruise Line has to offer. Just because it’s Disney doesn’t mean it’s only for kids (or your inner child). First-class service and destinations (like Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas—Castaway Cay) are all part of the package, no matter how old you are!



Our winter doesn’t mean cold weather everywhere in the world. To escape the chilly temperatures in the northern hemisphere, head south for the Australian summer! Spend your honeymoon exploring Sydney’s world famous water front. Ring in the New Year with fireworks over the water, and then stay a little while to enjoy concerts, plays, and events at the Sydney Festival, beginning in early January.

Don’t forget that Australia has no shortage of natural offerings either. Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, see Gold Coast’s famous surfing beaches and rainforest, and catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s gorgeous national parks. Don’t stop at the surface either! Enjoy all of this and more with immersive experiences like a sunrise camel ride and a visit to explore Australia’s oldest cultures.

South Africa

South Africa

When many animals are hibernating in the northern hemisphere, you can escape to the south and take a three-day African safari! If you’re thinking about a winter honeymoon, add South Africa to your list of possibilities. While the weather is very warm this time of year (as it is summer for the southern hemisphere), some light rains will create a lush green landscape for you to enjoy while you’re watching wildlife. Tourism can also drop during this time of year so long as you avoid school holidays.

South Africa isn’t considered a traditional vacation destination, so it might be tricky to know what to do. Let the planners at Adventures by Disney arrange the details! They’ll take you to learn about South Africa’s controversial history at the District Six Museum in Cape Town or to meet penguins at the Cape of Good Hope! A vacation like this one will truly give you something unique to talk about when you get home.

Timing can really add something to your honeymoon experience, depending on how careful you are. While you should always spend this once-in-a-lifetime vacation in a destination of your choosing, there’s nothing wrong with delaying to make sure you get the best experience at the best price or considering a new destination completely.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that your honeymoon planning goes as smoothly as possible. Nothing can ruin an amazing vacation quite like disrupted travel plans. If the very idea of organizing such a big vacation stresses you out, then contact Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons! Their experienced travel planners and Disney’s extensive network of vacation packages can make the whole process a breeze. They will make sure you get exactly what you want out of your honeymoon and help you create the registry that will get you there. Vacations like these are amazing, but are that much better with a guiding hand to take away your stress and uncertainty.

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