What to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon

A woman wearing sunglasses on a beach during her honeymoon.

After months of planning, stressing about flower arrangements and keeping up with your vendors, it’s finally time for your well-deserved honeymoon on the sand and by the surf. Whether you leave for your beach vacation moments after the reception is over or you’ve decided to wait a month or two after the nuptials to leave, you’re going to need a little time to plan out what to pack in your suitcase—because the last thing you want to do is stress out about finding suntan lotion when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Unsure of where to begin? Here is our ultimate list of what to pack for your beach honeymoon.

Stylish Sunglasses

The last thing you want to do is squint while you’re trying to read a book by the pool. Pack a couple of pairs of sunglasses to protect your eyes (and, not to mention, look incredibly stylish).

A Couple of Phone Chargers

You’ll likely be snapping tons of selfies, so bringing along a couple of phone chargers is a must. If you’re going abroad, then don’t forget to pack that adapter!

A Sturdy Beach Bag

A couple on their beach honeymoon looking at a phone.

No beach trip is complete without a proper adorable beach bag. You’ll want to have something handy to carry all of your sunblock, magazines, snacks, and cell phone to and from your hotel room. Try seeking out a lightweight, but sturdy, straw bag with some fun details.

Multiple Bathing Suits

You’ll be living outside for the next several days, so a couple of cute swimsuits is an absolute must. Having two or even three to choose from will allow you switch things up and let your suits dry in the bathroom between uses.

All-Purpose Shoes

Suitcase space is sacred so if you only have room for a couple pairs of shoes, go for lightweight, pretty sandals that can be worn to the beach, dinner, and galavanting around town. Leave your heels at home—this is a relaxed beach honeymoon, after all!

A Couple of Evening Dresses

A woman wearing an evening dress on her beach honeymoon.

You’ll most likely be living in your bathing suit and shorts the entire time, but you still want to have some dressier options when you feel like venturing out of your room for dinner. Pack a couple of flowy maxi dresses or some short beachy dresses in lightweight material for a picture-perfect look during a romantic honeymoon dinner.

Sunblock and After-Sun Care

Packing sunscreen and after-sun care like aloe vera gel is absolutely essential for a beach honeymoon, especially if you’re heading close to the equator where the sun’s rays are much more powerful than other locations. Although you may be able to purchase what you need at the resort you’re staying at, chances are the prices will be way higher than what you would pay at home—so be sure to save room in your checked bag for these two items.

Packing tip: Unscrew the caps and put a small piece of plastic wrap over the top to prevent any spillage before screwing the cap back on.


You may never grow tired of hearing that ocean breeze, but having a good pair of headphones is an essential for any beach trip so that you can chill out with your favorite songs or listen to a thrilling murder mystery podcast that all your friends have been talking about.

A Romper and Denim Shorts

A couple on their honeymoon walking on a beach.

When you’re not on the beach, you may want to go exploring the nearby town or shops. Pack a cute romper and some denim shorts that will keep you cool and look pretty adorable in honeymoon photos.

A Beach Cover-Up

You’ll be making trips back and forth to the beach bar, so it’s handy to have a cover-up to throw something on really quick. Luckily, there are so many adorable options available, like a sarong you can wrap around as a skirt, a dress, or an oversized tunic that you can toss on.

Some Good Reads

We can’t resist a good beach read, and neither should you! After the last several months of reading nothing but wedding guides and magazines, take the opportunity to catch up on the novels you’ve been wanting to read, or grab a couple of your favorites that you love to revisit every now and again. Can’t decide between titles? Bring along a tablet or e-reader so that you can never run out of literature (and space in your bag).

Some Sexy Lingerie

If not on your honeymoon, then when else can you strut your stuff in some sexy lingerie? Pack everything that you got from your bachelorette party or do a little pre-honeymoon shopping and purchase something your new spouse is certain not to forget anytime soon.

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