Would You Consider a Group Honeymoon?

A group of friends on a buddymoon jumping into the ocean from a boat.

As a way to change up the traditional post-wedding holiday, couples are now sharing the experience with their friends and family. Also known as a “buddymoon,” a group honeymoon can be considered an extended wedding celebration with a more intimate guest list than the wedding itself.

Are Buddymoons Popular?

Absolutely! Even in 2014, about 20% of people have already hosted or attended a buddymoon. Today, the number of people that have been to one or would consider attending one, is nearly 50%.

Although buddymoons are largely popular among millennials, everyone else is getting on board as well. The trend has even been picked up by celebrities, with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux being a prime example.

It’s not just group honeymoons that are becoming mainstream. People are celebrating other special occasions, including anniversaries, with their friends. The fun and social aspect of partying with your pals, of course, plays a key role—but there are many other reasons for their growing popularity.

What’s the Appeal of a Group Honeymoon?

With changing times come changing traditions. Now that couples are cohabitating (and likely traveling together) long before the wedding, the traditional just-the-two-of-us honeymoon doesn’t have the same appeal it had before.

The rise in destination weddings ties in as well. Couples who get married away from home see the buddymoon as a way of prolonging the celebration. It makes sense; if your friends are already coming out to see you, why not?

Buddymoon Benefits

Of course, a group honeymoon can simply be a fun twist on tradition, but there are plenty of benefits to them as well.

You Get Bonding Time with Friends

Buddymoons are an opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a more relaxed setting with a small group of your closest friends. They’re a great way to enjoy some quality time with your besties before you start focusing on building your new family.

It’s Budget-Friendly

A group of friends on a buddymoon sharing cheese and wine with each other.

Group holidays, in general, are a great way to save money. First, many tour operators, hotels, and travel planners offer discounts for group bookings. And because many costs on a group vacation are split, a buddymoon can be far more budget-friendly than a couple-only getaway.

It’s an Opportunity to Indulge

Splitting the costs of a luxury vacation also allows for an opportunity to get more out of your money. Instead of opting for a honeymoon suite, you can splurge on a villa or rent a yacht. If service is important, some small boutique hotels will let you rent out the entire place for yourselves and double up as a party venue.

Buddymoon Planning Tips

Before you send out invitations, there are several things to think about. Planning a group honeymoon, much like planning a wedding or even a traditional honeymoon, needs careful thought and preparation.

Create an Exclusive Guest List

Take the time to consider who you and your significant other would want to be there. Who would make your honeymoon extra special? However, keep the list short. Whereas with the actual wedding you may feel pressured to invite everybody, with a buddymoon it’s all about the closest company.

Unless you’re looking to plan the trip together, an invite should come with a basic outline or at least ideas for the trip. This may include destination, theme, budget, and duration. These details are important as they may affect who you invite and who accepts your invitation. For example, if you’re planning a glamping honeymoon, make sure everyone in your party is into the outdoors. It helps if everyone shares the same interests.

Be Mindful of the Budget

Because everyone will likely be pitching in, being mindful of the budget is important. This is especially so if your guests are already spending a fair amount on the wedding alone. Make sure to provide an honest estimate on what the trip might cost so there are no surprises later. You don’t need to add unnecessary stress to your postnuptial celebration.

Consider What you Want from the Destination

A group of friends camping on a buddymoon.

If you’re having an out-of-town wedding, you might want to kick off your buddymoon right then and there. A lot of couples choose to do this just to keep things simple. Resorts and cruise ships also make for easy options, as they often have plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Alternatively, use the group benefit and splurge on something special and unforgettable. This is a trip everyone will remember forever. If you have a set guest list, feel free to ask your friends for suggestions, or invite them to help you plan the whole thing.

Plan Some Time Alone with Your New Spouse

After you’ve decided on the who, what, and where, it’s time to get into the details. Making a partial plan, at the very least, is very important. While you shouldn’t pack in too much, you should have some idea of what you might do on the trip.

Although the idea of a group honeymoon is sharing the experience, it doesn’t mean that newlyweds don’t get some “alone time.” Rather, the trip should combine the best of both worlds, so don’t forget to schedule some time alone with your new spouse as well.

Make sure to let your friends know ahead of time what days are reserved for newlywed bonding. However, when you do, it’s a nice gesture to come up with alternative activities for everyone else, just so no one feels left out.

Gather the Group

Among the many benefits, a group honeymoon is a wonderful way to make the most out of your wedding and share the fun. However, it may not be for everyone.

If skipping the traditional honeymoon doesn’t seem appealing, you could consider hosting a pre-wedding buddymoon in addition to a private post-nuptial holiday. Think of it this way: it can serve as a replacement for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

There are many ways to work this new trend into your wedding celebration, so if the idea piques your interest, ask your significant other and your pals if they’re on board as well.

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