10 Favors That Double as Place Card Holders

place card wedding favors

When it comes to making crafts for your wedding, things can get pretty stressful. It might seem like there is so much to make in so little time. Save yourself some sanity by making your party favors double as place card holders. By giving the favors two purposes, you won’t have to make a separate batch of name cards. This will save you a great amount of time and money. Plus, most place card holders are tossed after the wedding anyway. By creating place card favors, you make sure that your materials, time, and energy do not go to waste.

1. Wrapped Chocolate Treats

Chocolate is often gifted as party favors. Make these treats do double duty by using them as name cards, too. To make this idea, ensure each chocolate or truffle is wrapped in foil. This will protect the treat during transportation and while it is on display. Simply insert a toothpick straight through each chocolate and attach a name card to the other end.

2. Upside-Down Cake Pops

Another way to sweeten up your reception is to gift cake pops. These popular treats are a wonderful way to welcome and thank your loved ones. It’s all about using the stick of each cake pop in a clever way. To prepare a cake pop name tag, place the pop in a small cupcake liner. If it has a hard time standing up, use a small amount of frosting. Add the name tag to the stick to complete.

3. Cupcakes or Macarons

If cake pops or truffles aren’t your thing, turn to traditional cupcakes or macarons. Both alternatives are well-loved desserts that can bring a playful, magical vibe to your wedding. Like the cake pops, cupcakes and macarons can be placed in small cupcake cups. Insert a toothpick with a name tag into the treat.

4. Fruit

fruit place card favor

Looking for a no-fuss option? Turn to fruits. This is as simple as it gets. For best results, use fruits that have a tough skin and do not need to be kept in a cooler. Examples include apples, pears, oranges, peaches, and plums. Choose a fruit that makes sense for your wedding’s location, season, and theme. To add a name tag, wrap twine or ribbon around the fruit and tie a name tag.

5. Tea Light Candles

Tea light candles are inexpensive, useful, and charming. Consider using them as place card favors by wrapping a strip of washi tape around the metal tin of each candle. Use washi tape that coordinates with your wedding décor. Next, use a marker to write each guest’s name onto the washi tape. Make sure the name is easy to read. For safety reasons, do not light the candles at the reception.

6. Flower Seed Packets

For a spring or summer wedding, flower seed packets are ideal for emphasizing the theme of your big day. You can do this by choosing seed packets that feature one of the flowers in your wedding bouquet. The name of each guest can be written directly on the packet. Alternatively, you can tie a strand of twine or ribbon around the packet and attach a hole-punched paper name tag.

7. Mini Pumpkins

The pumpkin is a traditional symbol of the fall season. For an autumn-themed or rustic wedding, mini pumpkins work especially well as name card gifts. Your best bet is to choose small pumpkins that will be easy for guests to take home. To attach a name, tie twine or yarn around the stem. You can also use a paint pen to write a name directly onto each pumpkin.

8. Potted Succulents

wedding favor plants place cards

From home décor to weddings, succulents have stolen the spotlight in recent years. Add some serious charm to your reception by tagging mini potted succulents as place card favors. This is especially perfect if succulents were used in your overall décor or if you have a green thumb. Many home improvement stores and nurseries sell tiny baby succulents that are lightweight, cheap, and adorable. Avoid spending time re-potting the succulents by wrapping each pot with a segment of fabric. Ideas include burlap, lace, or printed cotton. Tie a tag around each pot and you’re good to go.

9. Tree Ornaments

If your wedding is close to the holidays, consider gifting tree ornaments as place card favors. Clear, plastic ornaments can be purchased on the cheap at craft stores during the holiday season. You can fill each ornament with glitter, sand, or tinsel depending on the décor of your wedding. A paint marker can be used to write the name of each guest directly on the ornament.

10. Dried Herbs

For a place card party favor that looks as good as it smells, tie a few stems of dried herbs together. Rosemary, oregano, and lavender are excellent options. Depending on your wedding’s theme, you can mix and match herbs or opt for just one. These herbs hold up well and emit a lovely aroma that will fill your reception with a natural, wonderful scent. Ideal materials for tying dried herbs together include yarn, twine, and ribbon. These supplies are strong enough to hold a bunch together without breaking them. To complete the party favor place card holder, tie a hole-punched paper name tag to the cord.

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