11 Wedding Stationery Trends for 2019

A wedding invitation suite in light blue with a 2019 trend of calligraphy.

Did you know that Pantone, the company that specializes in color, assigns each new year its own personal color? 2019’s color is “living coral” —which looks just like the name suggests. But what does this mean for wedding trends and, in particular, wedding stationery? Are all the wedding invites of 2019 going to look like an oceanic reef? You’d be surprised at what’s in store for wedding stationery trends for the new year. Check them out below.

1. Calligraphy

This style harkens back to classic wedding traditions and designs. Those who desire a fancy or elegant look to their wedding stationary will do well to opt for this typography.

2. Light and Bright Colors

This trend definitely fits with the coral color in question. The invitation market will be saturated with beautiful bold colors that aren’t afraid to be a feature, which is prefect if you’re planning a soft spring or bright summer wedding.

3. Vintage-Inspired

The trend of using vintage-inspired stationary is seeing more and more popularity as we near and enter the year 2019. Whether its a faded, antique look or something more traditional, if it’s inspired by the past it’s bound to be on trend.

4. Bold Florals and Botanicals

A tropical wedding invitation that's on-trend for 2019.

We’ve certainly seen floral-based wedding invitations before, but never quite like this. Bold botanical prints will see a huge uptick in the wedding invitation industry.

5. Eco-Friendly

We’re getting greener and more environmentally conscious as the years go on. Utilizing eco-friendly, recyclable, and repurposed materials will be a definite wedding stationary trend in 2019. There are many companies and independent sellers already adopting this idea and more companies switching over to these types of earth-friendly components.

6. Pop-Up

Remember how fun it was to read a pop-up book as a kid? This unique idea is making its way to the wedding stationary world. More and more pop-up style stationery is seeing its way into the market, delighting recipients and buyers alike.

7. Touches of Metallics

Hints of metallics are making their way back into wedding trends. These touches add a level of sophistication and richness to any stationary you choose.

8. DIY

A pile of DIY wedding invitations in keeping with 2019 wedding trends.

DIY has seen a dip in the past few years, but 2019 will see DIY renewed. With easy-to-use and free design programs available online, DIY invitations becomes a more and more desirable option for couples getting married.

9. Envelope Envy

The freshest trend in wedding invitations is decorating the envelope itself. You open up the letter, and a pop of color or pattern from inside the envelope greets you! (Since it’s 2019, maybe the inside will be coral.)

10. Nautical with Simple Lines

Anchors are just as popular as ever and showing up in a new way. Gone are the complex nautical designs of the past; they’re making way for a new simplified, and even vintage, look.

11. Bold and Dark Colors

2019 might be the year of coral, but that doesn’t mean bold, dark colors won’t take the forefront occasionally. Dark shades used to be taboo when it came to anything wedding-related, but in 2019, you have permission to embrace richer shades of color for wedding stationary.

Choosing the Right Stationery for Your Wedding

Wedding invitations with the trendy 2019 color of coral.

How do you decide what kind of stationery to feature when it comes to your wedding? Think about your wedding theme or overall vibe. You can adopt any of these new trends and apply them to your personal situation. Having a beach or boat wedding? Choose something nautical with simple lines. Looking for something that will fit in with your spring wedding? Choose a vintage floral on eco-friendly paper. You can put any of these elements together in new and exciting ways to customize the wedding stationary trends to your own wedding.

Should You Go with the Trends?

This is always the big debate. Trends are, by definition, fleeting. Should you try to stay with the times or be timeless? It’s totally up to you and your personal wedding needs. It’s true that sometimes what was once popular becomes outdated (think of the thick, white, lace-edged invites of the ’80s) and when you look back, you will likely think of it as such. The question is, will this bother you or make you nostalgic?

It never hurts to be on top of the trends, regardless of whether you follow them or not. If you’re getting married and haven’t sent out your invitations yet, you have a chance to see these stationary trends play out in the beginning of the year and decide what types of invitations are your perfect match.

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