8 Alternatives to Printed Wedding Programs

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For a long time, people have relied on printing their wedding programs out for their guests to let each person know what to expect and when, as well as the names of everyone involved. This way of sharing their specials days’ schedules is useful, but as we move further and further away from using paper (both for the environment and for our bank accounts), many brides and grooms are opting for other alternatives to printed wedding programs.

Whether you’re looking for a unique idea or a way to save paper, there are a lot of really fun and creative ways to display your wedding program without printing them all out on hundreds of papers, pamphlets or booklets.

1. Chalkboard

wedding program chalkboard

A lot of people are choosing to display their wedding programs by writing on a large chalkboard. Chalkboards go great with many different wedding themes and are easy (and affordable) to put together.

The nice thing about using a large chalkboard is you are able to write down anything you want on it. For example, if your chalkboard is large enough, you can include your ceremony timeline and wedding attendants’ names, just as you would on a printed wedding program.

If you don’t consider yourself crafty or would just prefer having someone else create it for you, there are a lot of excellent shops and sites online where you can order a fully customized wedding program chalkboard! Etsy is a great place to start looking.

2. Poster

If having a chalkboard doesn’t really go with your wedding theme or isn’t something you want, there are still a lot of great alternatives to printed wedding programs. One idea is to print just one wedding program — one giant one, that is — on a poster.

You can have a poster designed with creative images, colors, and text to go with any theme you like. Then print it in a large enough size that can be displayed at your wedding for all to see, perhaps beside your guest book. You can either frame it or have it made on a plaque, then display it on an easel set up where guests first enter.

3. Email

wedding program email

Since almost everything is going digital these days, your wedding program could, too!

If you don’t want to print out your wedding program, you can always email it out to all of your guests. Take the time to design something nice on your computer, and send it out before the wedding. This will not only save on paper, but also save on money and time.

To make it easier to gather everyone’s email addresses, put a note about it on the wedding invitations asking for guests to email you first. Some people even create an email address just for their wedding, such as [email protected]

4. Fan

Although this wedding program idea is printed, it’s not your typical pamphlet. A lot of weddings are held in warmer weather, which can get quite hot both inside and outside. Having your wedding program printed onto a cardboard or paper fan allows your guests to also cool themselves off while also keeping up with your time line.

5. Window Pane

For a shabby chic look, you could always go with an upcycled window pane with your wedding program painted directly onto the glass part. Just like with a poster or a chalkboard, you can set it up beside your guest book for everyone to see as they arrive at your wedding ceremony.

6. Wood Sign

wedding program wooden sign

Creating a sign in any material is a great alternative to printed wedding programs, including a sign made out of wood. Drift wood signs, specifically, look great at beach weddings, but you can also create them out of pallets, upcycled wood from old projects, or something brand new.

If you’re considering making your wedding program out of wood, try painting each name, wedding ceremony activity, and thank you note on separate pieces that are layered in an appealing way.

7. Gallery Wall

I love the idea of having a gallery wall for a wedding program. The nice thing about having a gallery wall for your wedding program is that you can choose to have a variety of picture frames that are either vintage, sleek, plain, or shabby chic, and it will still look awesome.

In each picture frame you can include pictures of each person from your wedding party, along with their names and short bios. You can also include your ceremony timeline, a picture of the band or DJ, your dinner menu, and more. The possibilities are endless!

8. Facebook Event

Some couples might like the idea of making their weddings Facebook events, as well as sending out invitations. Creating an event on Facebook is always a good idea because it becomes an online hub for guests and the wedding party to communicate and share their excitement!

You can add your wedding program to your Facebook event page, where everyone invited can easily find it. A few other things you can add to your event page include directions to each location, pictures from the event, and a place where guests can ask questions, like are there vegan options or does anyone want to split a cab?

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