Creative Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

A "thank you" sign surrounding a bride and groom at their wedding.

Even after your wedding is over, there are important things you have to do to tie up all the loose ends. Just because you’ve walked down the aisle and said your vows doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your wedding checklist just yet! One of the most important post-wedding tasks is to write your thank you cards. It’s endlessly important to thank those who took the time to wish you well, attend your big day, and give a gift in celebration of your union. While doing this is a tradition as old as time, there are now innovative ways to create the perfect thank you card. To keep your note of gratuity from being boring and bland, consider these creative thank you card ideas.

Use a Wedding Photo

A bride and groom kissing as they're holding blue smoke bombs in front of an old building.

Photo cards are commonly used as thank you cards for weddings, but there are definitely ways to spice up this idea to make them really stick out. One idea is to get a “thank you” sign for your wedding and use it as a prop in a professional photo, specifically to be used for your card. You can purchase one of these signs (there are many wood painted signs or acrylic, laser-cut signs available on Etsy). Alternatively, you could make your own sign to be used on the big day.

Another option revolving around photos for innovative wedding thank you cards is to use a different photo for each recipient’s card. This is probably most feasible with a small wedding, but still doable nonetheless. You can use photos with each recipient or include them with a regular card to give it a personalized feel.

Finally, there’s the option to create a photo collage for your thank you cards. This allows you to show off your pictures, incorporate different aspects of the day onto your card, and even add in some pictures from your honeymoon to your greeting!

Create a Custom Envelope Liner

Envelope liners are a fun way to make your greeting pop without having to do something too crazy with your actual cards. You can easily make these yourself with a favorite photo from your wedding by printing them on regular paper, tracing the envelope size, and cutting the liner yourself. Then, use adhesive on the back of the photo to slip it into the envelope and paste it down for a little surprise when people open their thank you card.

Use an Illustration

Watercolor illustrated stationery is all the rage nowadays, so adding it to your wedding thank you cards may seem like a natural fit! Whether you have an illustration of your venue, of something generic like flowers, or watercolor text spelling out “thank you,” this will make for both pretty and simple stationery at the same time.

Use Letterpress for Timeless Stationery

Letterpress cards are an elegant and beautiful way to express gratitude via stationery. Since this type of stationery is more upscale and fancy, you can get away with printing a simple flat card with a monogram on top as your wedding thank you note. This way, you can reuse the design and excess cards as personal stationery long after your wedding date.

Say it with a Poem

A young couple writing a poem for their wedding thank you cards.

If you’re an artsy couple that loves to use words, perhaps writing a poem on the front of your wedding thank you card will make a lasting impression on your guests. This should be something from the heart that’s clever, to the point, and meaningful. A well written poem makes for a thoughtful way to say thank you to guests with an out-of-the-box idea.

Use your thank you cards as a chance to be creative! There are so many different ways to express gratitude. Decide to do something out of the ordinary and all of your weddings guests are sure to love it.

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