Digital E-vites vs. Paper Invitations

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I remember when wedding invitations were only available to purchase at a store, with a designer, or through a printing company. Fast forward to the internet age when invitations of any kind are available at your fingertips. A future bride can spend days pinning, searching Etsy, and requesting invitation samples.

What are today’s standards for wedding invitations? Is a physical invitation still necessary?

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Deciding Whether to Use E-vites or Paper Invitations

An important questions to ask: How formal of a wedding ceremony are you going to have? The invitation is the first external notice received by your guests regarding your wedding celebration, and it is an expression of the engaged couple’s personality. It gives the first impression of the event to guests and bodes for what they should expect at your wedding.

Traditionalists and etiquette experts maintain that printed wedding invitations are custom. While online RSVPs are quickly gaining popularity, it seems like society is continuing the tradition of mailing a paper invitation.

Here are some of the pros and cons of paper invitations and e-vites:

Paper is More Time-Consuming and Expensive

The cost of custom invitations depends on a variety of factors. Paper choice, color, weight, and inserts can influence the final cost of the wedding invitation. Before you know it, the cost of an individual wedding invitation can quickly rise by several dollars or more. There are a lot of examples and information on what’s included in paper invitations available online.

When planning your budget and timeline, the invitation design, printing, and approval process should be taken into account. The shipping cost and turn-around time for ordering invitations may also be elements to consider.

Paper Options Have Become More Affordable

With many stores selling invitations, an engaged couple can usually find printed invitations within a reasonable price range. Superstores like Michael’s, Costco, and others carry pre-printed wedding products and boxed invitation sets. It’s amazing how a beautiful font and ribbon detail can transform an off-the-shelf invite into something special.

Mailing out invitations can become a fun event to do with your significant other, bridesmaids, or family members. The actt of sending the invitations tends to mark the commencement of wedding festivities.

Digital E-vites Are Easier, Low Cost, and Eco-friendly

Times are changing, and e-commerce is changing the way we send wedding invitations. There are multiple websites that offer beautifully designed and customized digital invitations. Some websites include a guest database and organize RSVPs for you. If the wedding date is coming up soon, the formal paper invitations may not be an option. In this case, an electronic version is more realistic and convenient.

Paperless invites can be an excellent choice for an environmentally-conscious couple. If this is a theme of the wedding, then digital invites are a natural option.

The cost of paperless invites are significantly less than paper invitations. Some websites even offer free electronic invitations. As wedding planning begins, the large-ticket items in your wedding budget should be prioritized. Invitations tend to fall somewhere near the bottom of the budget. E-vites are a great option for couples on a budget.

There are a variety of scenarios for sending digital invites for the wedding. Etiquette experts agree that paperless invitations for pre-wedding and post-wedding activities are widely acceptable. Showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and engagement soirees are popular uses for e-vites.

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Digital E-vites Offer No Guarantee of Delivery

Some of the issues you will have with sending digital e-vites include spam filters, changed email addresses, and older generations who don’t have access to a computer. These are all factors that can impact the delivery and execution of digital wedding invitations. Keep in mind, like any email communication, it is possible for the content to be misunderstood or forwarded incorrectly.

Invite Essentials to Consider for Your Wedding Event

Regardless of which invitation is used, it’s important for couples to formally address the invitation to the guest. It should be understood who is invited and if plus-ones are included. The same goes for guests receiving a paperless or paper invitation. Pay careful attention on how the invitation is addressed to the recipient.

I think we can all agree that the paper wedding invitation is quickly disappearing. Some of the best advice I got when planning for my wedding was: It’s about the quality of the marriage, not the quality of the wedding day. In this case, we have presented some great options to make your invites as easy as possible!

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